Thursday 20 November 2014

RMK Spring 2015

Here are more pics of RMK's Vintage Sweets collection for Spring 2015 from Baila.

Also debuting next year is their new Casual Solid Foundation. Each foundation refill is 2000yen, while the case is 1500yen and the brush is a whopping 2800yen.

Thursday 13 November 2014

RMK Spring 2015 Vintage Sweets

Here's a sneak peek at the RMK Spring 2015 collection, due out on 16 January in Japan. Pic below from Eclat. See more pics on Sachiko, Elle Girl Japan, Atsukg, 310peach and here.

The collection includes:

1. Vintage Sweets Face Color: 2 variations

2. Vintage Candy Cheeks: 4 variations

3. Sweet Sugar Eyes: 5 variations

4. Vintage Drop Gloss: Swirl lipglosses in 4 variations, scented with rose or maple syrup.

5. W Color Mascara (color mascara duos): 5 variations

6. Ingenious Powder Cheek N: 2 limited edition shades EX06 and EX07

7. Ingenious Powder Eyes N: 2 limited edition shades EX08 and EX09

8. Nail Polishes: 5 shades

9. Nail Art Liner: 2 shades

Suqqu Spring 2015

Suqqu will release its Spring 2015 makeup collection on 30 January in Japan. The collection includes two permanent Blend Color Eyeshadow quads (#18 and #19) and one limited edition quad (EX25), three new shades of Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist, two Balancing Cheek duos and two nail polishes. #19 is the lavender and brown palette, while EX25 seems to be the pic in the middle of the top row. Pic below from Glamyoko's Instagram.

On 6 March comes the new Lighting Liquid SPF25 (LE highlighter), Face Protector Bright Up SPF50 (LE), Pore Covering Powder and Face Bright Powder. All four products will retail at 6000yen.

Links to more pics:

* Beaty101 (with swatches of the lipsticks)

* Glamyoko

* Watayaa

Saturday 8 November 2014

YSL Spring 2015

Here are the official visuals for the YSL Spring Look 2015 collection featuring hues of sweet pink, white and black. Due out 9 January in Japan.

Addiction Pink Sand Collection

Here are more details of the Addiction Pink Sand collection for Spring 2015.

Eyeshadow (2000yen): 6 new shades Ocean Front (shimmery silver), Pink Sky (light pink), Full Moon (white pink), Flower Carpet (pearl pink), Pink Sand and Shell Garden

Lip Gloss Pure (2500yen): In 16 shades
1.Tear Drop (clear)
2.Milk Hall (sheer white)
3.Dark Knight (smoky black with pink accents)
4.Rich Girl (sheer true red)
5.Platonic (milky pink with silver pearl)
6.Cotton Candy (sweet candy pink)
7.Carnival Dream (bright coral pink)
8.Holiday (coral beige)
9.Pastel Love (soft sheer beige)
10.Candy Coral (candy coral with gold and red reflects
11.Cry Baby (nude beige pink with silvery multi-color micro pearl)
12.Dear Liar (pink beige with gold pearl)
13.Vanilla Break (milky vanilla beige)
14.Shell Garden (mysterious purple pink)
15.Pink Bomb (sheer blue-based pink)
16.Rudy Rose (clear rose)

Blush Mix (2800yen) in Pink Waves and Coral Garden

Nail Polish (1800yen): 5 new shades and 1 LE shade. Pink Bomb (sheer blue-based pink, LE), Pinky Ring (sheer light pink), Sugar Daddy (sheer yellow-based pink), Shell Garden (sheer milky pink), Pink Sand (pinkish sheer grey) and Poor Little Rich Girl (sheer red)

Monday 3 November 2014

Three Spring 2015 Let's Dance

Here's the ad visual for Three's Spring 2015 collection, Let's Dance, which will be released on 7 January in Japan. There will be a new Shimmering Lip Jam in 11 shades (3000yen) with a fresh, moisturising texture formulated with 10 botanical oils. See more pics of the rest of the collection here.

Pics below tweeted by Osadanna.

Bridge Shimmer For Eyes: 3 LE cream eyeshadows (3000yen)

Shadow Lining Performance Eyeliner: 2 new shades and 2 LE shades

Lip Conscious Protector SPF35 PA+++ (2800yen): Sheer coral with over 65% moisturising ingredients

Jill Stuart Spring 2015

According to Voce, Jill Stuart's Spring 2015 collection will be launched on 9 January in Japan. The collection introduces a new line of Ribbon Couture Eyes palettes (5000yen) in 5 variations. There will also be a new mascara and new shades of Layer Blush Compact, Lip Blossom, Lip Jewel and Nail Lacquer R. If the palette design looks familiar, that's probably because it is very similar to Cosme Decorte Magie Deco's palettes which are also made by Kose.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Lunasol Spring 2015

Lunasol just held the press preview of its ballerina-themed Spring 2015 collection 優美浄化 due out on 16 January in Japan. Pic below tweeted by Sakura. There will also be a new Skin Modeling Liquid Finish Foundation.

New Stain Color Lips in 7 shades that are supposed to be well-pigmented with a soft matte finish. Pic from Mikaamata's Instagram

See the following links for more pics.
Cosme Concierge