Wednesday 29 February 2012

Shop MAC Cook MAC

Just read MAC Pro Senior Artist Beno Lim's tweet that the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection launches at Tangs in Singapore this Thursday. The most eagerly anticipated items are probably the four Tendertones Lip Balms. These are limited edition (naturally) so don't miss those if you've been waiting for MAC to re-promote them.

Stila Promotion at Escentials

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick #12

During my London trip, I picked up another two the Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipsticks as they were on sale. Made in the UK, these lipsticks designed by Kate Moss usually retail at £5.49 each, but I think I got them at £4 each.

This is #12, a vivid creamy orange that helps to brighten up the complexion instantly. It comes in handy for those days when you feel blah but do not have time to fuss around with a complicated makeup look. Simply slick this on for an instant pop of colour.

Like the other shades in the Kate collection, it has a impressive intensity and applying straight from the tube can actually lay down too much color. It is better to apply with a lip brush for better precision and greater control as using the brush gives a more sheer application than applying straight from the tube.

My other preferred method is to apply one stroke straight from the tube to the lower lip (avoiding the corners and outer edge), press my lips together to transfer the colour to the upper lip and then use my little finger to smudge the color out for a slightly stained effect. With a bright lipstick like that, one common tip is to avoid putting too much color on the eyes and and cheeks so that the lips remain the focus. The Lasting Finish lipsticks do make the lips feel slightly dry, but this can be easily rectified with a bit of lip balm or lipgloss on top.

My current collection of Kate Lasting Finish Lipsticks (from left): #1, #2, #9 and #12.

I reviewed #2 (bright pink) and #9 (rich berry red) last October, while #1 (classic red) is a new acquisition that I haven't tried yet.

These swatches were just one pass each. You can see how all four shades are wonderfully creamy and richly pigmented. I simply adore these and wish they were available in more shades.

The Kate Lasting Finish lipsticks are available on but only in four shades (#1, #3, #4 and #8).

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Starbucks Sakura Collection 2012

Starbucks will roll out its eleventh annual sakura (cherry blossom) collection of tumblers and mugs on 29 February in Japan. I do not know if any of these will be available in Singapore or elsewhere, but they usually appear in Starbucks stores in Singapore around the same time as Japan. You can see the previous collections from 2011 and 2010 (also here and here).

Thanks to Monika of BeautyOshaberi for pointing me to the Wafutsushin for the information!

Benefit Hello Flawless Workshop with Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation

Benefit will be holding workshops at Tangs Orchard on Friday 16 March (6.30pm-8.30pm) and Sunday 18 March (11.30pm-1.30pm and 3pm-5pm) to showcase their new Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation. The registration fee is $30 and it is fully redeemable for products. The Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation (S$54, 30ml) will be available for purchase at the workshop. Call 6235-5953 to register.

You can read reviews of the foundation on Scrangie, Makeup & Beauty Blog (which also has an in-depth chat with Annie Ford Danielson on the story behind it) and Yuki's Lazy Channel has an interesting report on the press event in Taipei, which was graced by Annie and Maggie Ford Danielson.

Las Vegas de Chanel: Release date in Singapore

The Las Vegas de Chanel collection will be released in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands (tel: 6634-7280) and ION Orchard (tel: 6634-5500) stores on 6 March. You can check out Best Things in Beauty for reviews of this collection.

Dior Icy Halos Collection

Here are some more pics of the Dior Icy Halos collection which will be released on 2 March in Japan.

DiorSnow Voile de Neige Powder 001 (Light Amplifying Face Powder) (6615yen, 10g)

Cinq Couleurs Iridescent #919: icy pastel blue, pink, white, lilac and ash grey

Dior Vernis #191 Glacier and #021 Icy Dew.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss #302 Crystal Frost

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss #362 Pink Freeze

Esprique Summer 2012

Esprique will release its summer makeup collection on 16 April in Japan.

It includes:

1. Blend Dimensional Eyes (Brilliance): Limited edition eyeshadow quads in four variations (rose, purple, beige and gold). The three shades in the top row help to create an easy gradational look while the "Brilliance Liner" shade in the long narrow pan is meant to be used along the lower lashline.

2. Pure Glow Nail Color: 10 shades (8ml)

3. Hardener & Base Coat (8ml)

4. Gel On Top Coat (8ml)

5. Nail Aroma Oil: Relaxing citrus floral scented nail oil. (8ml)

6. Pencil Eyebrow: 3 shades in grey and brown tones.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Sleek Blush By 3: Swatches

Thanks to my dear husband, I managed to get four of the five new Sleek Blush By 3 palettes recently released in Superdrug in the UK. The missing piece is Lace, which proved to be maddeningly elusive.

Made in Taiwan, each palette contains 20g of product, compared to 8g for the regular blush singles. For £9.99, you get three powder blushes in shimmer and matte finishes.

Sleek is famous for their extremely intensely pigmented powder blushes and diverse shade selection that work well on a wide range of skin tones. True to form, most of the shades in the Blush By 3 palettes are so intense that just lightly touching a brush to the surface picks up more than enough blush powder. One palette will probably last you a lifetime as the amount of product needed for one application is so miniscule.

These palettes are great for experimenting with different blush hues and building up your makeup wardrobe without having to spend a bomb. Investing in two of these palettes is still cheaper than buying a NARS blush(£21). While some of the shades may look too dusky or red/orange-toned, after swatching the four palettes, I think most of the shades are actually quite wearable.

The shades have individual names, which are printed on the sticker on the back of the palettes.

The Blush By 3 case is about three-quarters of the size of the i-Divine eyeshadow palette. It is also much easier to open than the blush singles which have a much smaller opening between the clasp and the bottom part of the case.


Swatches done on bare skin without any primer. These were just 1-2 layers each.

Below is a look that I did wearing Squash.

Pink Sprint



When compared with my other Sleek blushes, I found two dupes: P Pie in the Pumpkin palette is very similar to Aruba from last year's Caribbean collection while Pink Ice in the Pink Sprint palette is a ringer for Santorini blush from last year's Mediterranean collection.

More comparison swatches.

The Blush By 3 palettes are not available on the Sleek website, so if you are not in the UK, the only way to get these is to ask friends in the UK to help you purchase. I think Sleek has done a great job in designing these and hopefully, they will make these permanent and release new or limited editions like with their i-Divine palettes.

Guerlain Terracotta 2012

The new Guerlain Terracotta bronzing collection for this summer has just arrived in Sephora stores in France.

The star product of the collection is the Terracotta Sun In The City Gold Glimmer Powder (€55.50), which comes in a very large round compact. The refined gold powder has a velvety soft texture and a gentle gleam, without any obnoxious loud glitter. It has an undulating surface like gentle sand dunes, which seems to be a recent trend amongst makeup brands like Estee Lauder. The price is hefty but it does contain an extraordinarily generous amount of product (around 15g, if I recall correctly).

The Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder (€41.50) with the mosaic pattern comes in four shades. (Some of the shades had duplicate testers.)

The Terracotta Sun Blondes SPF30 and Sun Brunettes SPF15 (€35) are supposed to be tan boosters. The Terracotta Blush 02 Sunny Pink (€35) is a rosy pink sun shimmer highlighter. The other shade Spicy Coral was not available (see swatches of both shades on British Beauty Blogger).

Like the Sun In The City highlighter, the Terracotta Blush is very pricey but this is made up for by the generous amount of product (15ml), which is more than double that of the Clarins Instant Light Blushes from the spring 2012 collection which are 7ml each. The Terracotta Blush is more shimmery with a much more sensible pump packaging, unlike the messy sponge applicator of the latter.

Quick swatches of the Terracotta Blush Sunny Pink and Sun In The City.