Wednesday 27 May 2009

On hiatus

Rouge Deluxe will be on hiatus indefinitely as I'm going through some personal issues and need a rest from beauty blogging. My sincere apologies to my regular readers and everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment and chat with me here.

Saturday 23 May 2009

Tangs sale

It's time again for the Tangs 12% rebate event for cardmembers!

Some beauty special buys that will be on offer.

Maquillage Website Update

Maquillage has updated its website with the new summer collection with Anna Tsuchiya fronting the ad campaign. I think this is the most stylish and glamorous ad campaign that Maquillage has done to date, and Anna gives it an edgy vibe while looking very feminine and pretty at the same time.

The five looks done on Anna all look elegant and classy without being boring.

The collection is already out at the Shiseido counters in Singapore with the Eyes Creator 3D palettes retailing for S$69 and the Full Vision Mascara & Liner retailing for S$49. The price is higher compared to Japan, where the eyeshadow palettes are 3990yen (S$60) and the mascara/liner duo are 2625yen (S$39). The mascara/liner duo did not impress me much as the liner brush comes out of the tube covered in quite a lot of product and can't really draw a precise fine line as the tip is not tapered enough. The shades also require a bit of layering to get a nice intense line.

Of the two limited edition Eye Creator palettes, I liked GD831 much better than SV832 as the shades in SV832 almost all show up as just silver shimmer which is not very interesting. Unlike the regular Eye Creator palettes which have 3 powder shades, 1 cream base and 1 gel liner shade, the shades in the summer palettes all have a cream texture. The extreme right shade in the top row has a very dry, hard glittery texture so it applies as just small glitter bits without any color payoff. This is meant to be used in the middle of the lid to add extra shine. The extreme left and middle shade are much smoother and emollient, so they are much easier to apply and blend. They dry to a lovely metallic finish with good color payoff. The cream base and liner shades are fairly standard and not that unique.

Here's Anna Tsuchiya on the July cover of Voce.

Mina x Gelato Pique

Picked up the July issue of Mina (S$18.60) today at Kinokuniya as it comes with a Gelato Pique vanity pouch. Gelato Pique is a Japanese roomwear and accessories brand. The pouch is very well-made, and roomy enough to fit several small makeup items. I'm thinking of using it to store my The She Space pigment ziplock baggies.

Check out the grumpy blue rabbit!

The July issues of Voce, Biteki, Bea's Up and Maquia are all in stock at Kinokuniya but as the focus is largely on summer skincare tips, I skipped all of them.

Kinokuniya is also having a storewide 20% discount for cardmembers this weekend. Kino is also giving away a 4-piece Laneige skincare set for pores with Her World magazine.

Aube Couture Summer '09

The Aube Couture summer collection can now be viewed on the official website. The collection will introduce a new line of lipsticks, Designing Stay Rouge in 16 shades (3360yen) that are "harmonious colors", designed to flatter Japanese skintones. The collection also includes a couple of new eyeshadow palettes and eyebrow palettes.

Aube Couture is just too boring for my tastes. I miss the old Aube!

Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes

Here's another close-up pic of Visee's new Brilliance Forming Eyes palette (1680yen, 5 palettes) which will be released on 16 June in Japan. The bottom left shade is actually a shimmery cream liner shade while the other three are powder shades. I'm usually not a big fan of eyeshadow palettes that include cream shades as they are just messy and often don't have good lasting power.

Maquillage Fall '09

Maquillage will release its Fall collection on 21 July. The collection is a collaboration with New York-based designer, Alexander Wang, with the concept of "Live in your makeup".

It's a fairly extensive collection that includes:

1. Perfect Gloss: 8 shades (6g)

2. Moisture Rouge (Color On): 6 shades (4g)

3. Moisture Rouge (Sheer Type): 6 limited edition shades

4. Eye Creator 3D: 5 palettes PK366, GY867, GR368 are part of the regular line-up. BR364 and BR365 limited edition in collaboration with Wang and will come in a black case instead of the usual grey and pink.

5. Eye Color N (Powder): 6 shades

6. Eye Color N (Cream): 3 shades

7. Face Creator 3D: #55 Nude tone beige and #66 Nude tone pink

8. Powder Touch Eyebrow: 3 shades

Perfect Gloss is supposed to be a long-lasting, moisturising lipgloss that does not leave any stain when you drink from a cup.

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Majolica Majorca Innocent Pleasure

The Majolica Majorca Innocent Pleasure collection has been launched at the Watsons store in Ngee Ann City. The collection should roll out to other Watsons stores soon.

The Jewelling Eyes palettes are less shimmery and pigmented that I had expected but the texture is soft and blends easily. The shade selection is quite feminine and easy to wear for most ladies, but there weren't really any that were outstanding or unique to me. For the price, I guess one cannot expect the quality of, say, Lunasol, but these are still worthwhile to consider if you are looking for good basic palettes for everyday wear and easy to tote around. I like the lightweight, slim and compact design of the MM palettes which makes them very convenient for travel and you can see the shades without having to open the case. Out of the 8 palettes available, my favourites were the green and gold palettes.

The bad news is that the price of the Jewelling Eyes palettes is S$27.50, a bit higher than the MajoLook (Trick On) Eyes palettes which are S$25.90. The MajoErotica glitter solid perfume was overwhelmingly fruity, and just too teenagerish for me.

Saturday 16 May 2009

Jill Stuart Aquatic Nymph

The Jill Stuart website has been updated with the summer '09 makeup collection, Aquatic Nymph.

The ten shades of the new Jelly Eye Color N (2310yen) look similar to the previous line-up but the more interesting complex green and blue shades have been eliminated. Nevertheless, the pink and purple shades do look pretty.

I'll be visiting Kyoto from 3-6 June, just in time to check out the release of this collection on 5 June. Can't wait!

Dove Oil Foam Cleansing

I picked up this Dove Oil Foam Cleansing on my last trip to Japan. As some of you may know, cleansing oils are very popular in Japan for their excellent makeup removal properties, especially for waterproof mascaras which just melt off with cleansing oils. For ladies who don't like applying oil of any kind to their face, the Dove Oil Foam Cleansing offers the impressive makeup removal power of a cleansing oil in a light airy foam.

This has been a big hit in Japan, with one million bottles sold within three months. It's very affordably priced at around 1000yen for 155ml in drugstores. For those of you who are eco-conscious, you can now also buy it in refill packs. On 23 July, Dove will release a limited edition Go Fresh version which has a mandarin orange scent. Sounds absolutely delightful!

Do check out the TV ad on the Dove Japan website here!

Jill Stuart Perfumed Body Powder

Here's another limited edition item to tempt all the Jill Stuart princesses out there! The Perfumed Body Powder (4725yen, 7g) contains a crystal-floral scented silky body powder. Due out on 3 July in Japan.

Gransenbon Diamond Jewel Eyes

Just spotted these newly arrived Gransenbon Diamond Jewel Eyes quads (2100yen) on Plaza Style!

The pink cover makes it look kind of tacky but then again, these are less than half the price of a Lunasol or Est quad. The shape of the quads also remind me of my beloved Inoui ID.

#1 Romantic Bloom

#2 Antique Gold

#3 Platinum Denim

Esprique Precious Eye Color Selection N

The early summer issue of Kose's Precious Beauty magalog has an in-depth feature on Esprique Precious' new single eyeshadows and nail polish line-up. The official release date is 16 May in Japan.

The single eyeshadows now come in four textures: three Cream Bases, three Highlight Colors, nine Accent Colors and three Deep Colors. The color range features mostly the usual soft pastel shades that are typical of Japanese brands. Not particularly exciting but easy to wear and use for most ladies, even makeup rookies.

Picture #1 shows the placement of the Deep Color and #2 shows the placement of the Accent Color.

Picture #3 shows the placement of the Highlight/Cream Color and #4 shows the placement of the Accent Color.

"Sparkle On" look: Eye Color Selection N GR710, BR313, BR311 & BE310, Matte Lasting Cream Eyeliner BR300, True Black Mascara WP (Volume Separate) BK001, Soft Eyebrow Pencil BR301, Face Styling Powder 00, Cheek Color BR300, Rouge Stylish (Liquid Type) BR323.

"Active On" look: Dress On Moist Rouge BE812, Eye Color Selection N OR210, BL911, SV014, PK810, Matte Lasting Cream Eyeliner BL900, True Black Mascara WP (Volume Separate) BK001, Soft Eyebrow Pencil GY002, Face Styling Powder 00, Cheek Color OR200

"Gem On" look: Rouge Stylish (Liquid Type) PK826, Eye Color Selection N GD015, BR312, PK812, WT013, Matte Lasting Cream Eyeliner BK001, True Black Mascara WP (Volume Separate) BK01, Soft Eyebrow Pencil BR300, Face Styling Powder 00, Cheek Color RD400

Other possible color combinations.

Tuesday 12 May 2009

InRed x Tsumori Chisato

The June issue of InRed (S$19) is now available at Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City. As mentioned earlier, the mag comes with a Tsumori Chisato striped mega-pouch. I got my copy thanks to the wonderful Mag from Makeup Stash!

The pouch is quite well-made and feels fairly sturdy as the satin material is not too thin or flimsy.

There were still about 10 copies at Kinokuniya this evening but I wouldn't wait too long to get this!

The inside of the pouch has 3 pockets on one side and 2 on the other side.

There are still a couple of copies of the June issue of Spring with the Jill Stuart vanity pouch as well as June issue of Sweet which comes with a Betsy Johnson mirror. The Ole Henriksen skincare kit, which was being given away with L'Officiel, is already out of stock.

Sunday 10 May 2009

Stila Japan

As some of you may have heard by now, Stila has been bought by another company. Hopefully, the third change in ownership will be the charm and put the brand back on a firmer footing. Stila was one of the pioneering makeup artist brands launched in the 1990s and it would have been a great shame to see it go down.

Stila Japan does not seem to have been affected by the head company's troubles although it surprised many when it closed one of its oldest counters in Japan, at Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza. Currently there are still five Stila counters in Tokyo and about a dozen spread across other major cities. Stila Japan has continued to roll out Japan-exclusive launches on a regular schedule. For example, it released several Japan-exclusive Barbie items. Just this month, it also released this cute two-pan case (1050yen with purchase of any two eye or cheek colors).

The skincare range will also be revamped on 15 May. The new packaging looks a bit cheap and simplistic. The color scheme also reminds me of Kawaii Tokyo, a Japanese skincare line that is sold in Singapore but not in Japan. I would have expected something more feminine and elegant from Stila.

The products as shown in the pic above:
(1) Foaming Cleanser
(2) Moisturising Cream
(3) Emollient Lotion
(4) Fresh Lotion
(5) Cleansing Oil
(6) Eye Makeup Remover
(7) Moisturising Emulsion
(8) Treatment Serum

Friday 8 May 2009


My buddy, Kathi over at Lotus Palace tagged me with this questionnaire so here are my answers! :-)

1. Respond and rework: Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
2. Tag eight other people.

What is your current obsession?
I've got a few! Lush bodycare, Yankee & Archipelago Botanical candles, my new LeSportSac Beauty Girl bag.

What is your weirdest obsession?
Buying magazines for the freebies instead of the contents of the mags.

What are you wearing today?
Blue sleeveless tank top and grey and black striped cardigan from Zara, burgundy slim skirt and Adidas flats that I bought on my recent New Delhi trip.

What's your favorite comfort food?
Starbucks green tea latte, Ben & Jerry's Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! and ONE Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream, KFC Zinger burger, Old Chang Kee curry puffs, potato chips, Marks & Spencer biscuits, roti prata, cheesecake, onion rings. Basically, I'm a terrible junk food junkie. I sometimes have only ice cream for dinner.

What would make today special?
If my boyfriend were to come home for good. I HATE long-distance relationships but always seem to end up in them.

What would you like to learn to do?
Resist lemmings so I can save more money.

What's the last thing you bought?
More Yankee candle votives and an oil burner from Tangs.

What are you listening to right now?
"Happy Home" by Garbage

What is your favorite weather?
Cool and breezy. I don't like heat or extreme cold.

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Leaving my cushy job to do something I'd be more passionate about.

What do you think about the person who tagged you?
A very dear friend, even though we've only met once, and awesome beauty blogger who is THE authority on Japanese and Korean makeup and skincare!

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Tokyo, my shopping and gourmet paradise.

If you could swap lives with anyone for one day who would it be and why?
Michelle Obama. I want her toned arms, height and kick-ass wardrobe!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
New Delhi, where my boyfriend is.

Which languages do you speak/did you learn?
English, Mandarin and very poor Japanese.

Which language do you wanna learn?
French and Spanish.

What do you look for in a friend?
Honesty, integrity, sense of humor, humility.

What's your favorite type of music?
Pop music. I adore Tori Amos, Jewel, Kelly Clarkson, Garbage, Aimee Mann, Adele and Pink.

What's your dream job?
Having my own Lush store!

If you had $100 now what would you spend on it?
Another LeSportSac Beauty Girl bag.

Things you wish you could change in the past?
Eating healthier and exercising more frequently.

Fashion Pet Peeve?
Shoes that are so pretty to look at but impossible to walk for more than 5 minutes in.

Do you admire anyone's style?
Sarah Jessica Parker.

Describe your personal style.
Casual, comfortable, feminine.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Ben and Jerry's Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! Love the coffee chips :-)

What's your favorite makeup brand?
Used to be MAC and Stila. Now, it's Jill Stuart and Paul & Joe. I cannot survive on just using one brand alone as I like many different products from various brands and always love to try out new stuff.

What makeup do you use a lot?
Jill Stuart, MAC, Paul & Joe, Dior, Canmake, Majolica Majorca, Awake, Lunasol.

Do you get enough beauty sleep? Yes or no? Why?
I get about 6 hours each night, which is usually enough. Anyway, I can sleep when I'm dead ;-p

Why did you start your (beauty) blog?
So that I could post news and reviews about Japanese makeup collections in one place instead of MakeupAlley and Cozycot, where they quickly get buried.

What do you think is the best feature about yourself?
Physically, my shoulders. Personality-wise, that I'm straightforward and don't pretend to like people/things just to be agreeable.

The 5 beauty products you use most often.
1. Dior Pearly White Meteorites
2. Paul & Joe lipsticks
3. Lancome Maquicake UV Infinite Powder Foundation
4. Mascara (currently it's Rimmel Sexy Curves)
5. MAC Cork as brow powder

I'd like to tag the two lovely Singaporean beauty bloggers that I met this week: pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie from Pour Toujours Ete and aichaku from Aichaku Beautification!

L'Oreal sale

Yet another sale taking place next week!