Wednesday 24 June 2015

Paul & Joe Fall 2015

Here are the official visuals of the Paul & Joe Fall 2015 collection, Café Parisien, debuting on 1 August in Japan.

Eye Color CS (3000yen, 3 shades)

Lipstick CS (2000yen for refill, 3 shades) and Lipstick CS Case (1000yen, 3 designs)

Cheek Color (2000yen for refill, 3 shades) and Compact (1000yen, 3 designs)

SKII R.N.A. Power

SKII will revamp its Stem Power range with this new R.N.A. Power line, debuting on 21 August in Japan. R.N.A. stands for Radical New Age. Aside from the R.N.A. Power cream and essence, there will be a new emulsion foundation that is designed to be applied with a brush. SKII is including a deluxe 15g sample of R.N.A. Power in a 35th Anniversary coffret with a 215ml bottle of Facial Treatment Essence (20500yen), to be released on 5 July. Pic below by Tomoichi.

Cle de Peau Fall and Holiday 2015

Cle de Peau will launch its Voyage à Venice collection for Fall 2015 on 21 August in Japan. It includes three Ombre Couleur Quadri n palettes (5000yen), Rouge Eclat C (3500yen, 10 shades) and Blush Duo Poudre (4500yen, 5 variations).

The Holiday 2015 collection will be released on 21 November. It includes a Coffret de Couleur (15000yen), a trio of nail polishes (6000yen for the set) and a body powder (10000yen) inspired by Venetian masquerade balls. The coffret includes an eyeshadow quad, lipstick and mascara. The packaging is designed by jewellery designer Joji Kojima. There will also be a limited edition version of La Serum (25000yen).

Pics below from Be Story.

Lunasol Fall 2015

Here's are the full details of the upcoming Lunasol Fall 2015 collection, due out on 21 August in Japan.

1. Selection du Chocolat Eyes: 3 variations (5000yen)

2. Duo du Chocolat Eyes: 3 LE eyeshadow duos (3500yen)

3. Styling Gel Eyeliner: 3 shades (1200yen)

4. Styling Gel Eyeliner Holder (1800yen)

5. Full Glamour Lips: 4 permanent shades and 2 LE shades (3000yen)

6. Melty Chocolat Lips: 3 LE liquid lipsticks (2800yen)

7. Coloring Creamy Cheeks: 2 permanent shades and 1 LE shade (3500yen)

8. Nail Finish N: 3 permanent shades and 2 LE shades (1500yen)

Aside from the above, Lunasol is also releasing two limited edition items, Selection du Chocolat Eyes EX01 and Full Glamour Lips EX07, exclusively at Isetan Shinjuku and Umeda Hankyu on 14 August. Lunasol will also release their new Modelling Control Base SPF30 PA++ in 3 shades (3500yen) on 18 September.

Shiseido Benefique Theoty Smart Eyeliner

Shiseido Benefique Theoty will release this Smart Eyeliner (Liquid (2 shades) and Eye Makeup Remover (Lash Care) on 21 August in Japan. The felt tip pen is supposed to be able to draw thinner lines than brush liners with an ultra black pigment for a 3D-like effect. The eye makeup remover contains 25 cotton pads, with moisturising ingredients such as camellia oil and rose hip oil.

Pore Putty x Hello Kitty BB Cream and Mineral Powder

The popular Pore Putty brand is releasing this Hello Kitty BB Cream, BB Cream Enriched, Mineral Powder and Mineral Powder Enriched on 23 June in Japan. The two BB Creams are SPF50+ PA++++, and will retail at 1296yen for 30g. The BB Mineral Powder has SPF35 PA+++ while the BB Mineral Powder Enriched has SPF40 PA+++. The two powders will retail at 1404yen. Both are formulated with 11 types of minerals, with the Enriched version also contains four types of collagen. The Mineral Powder has a more natural finish while the Enriched version provides higher coverage. Similarly, the BB Cream Enriched provides more coverage than the regular version and contains additional skin nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, shea butter and ceramide.

On 4 August comes the new Pore Putty Pore Tight Lift SPF50+ PA++++ (1296yen, 30g) with 11 types of mineral, retinyl palmitate and aqua mineral coated-powders (with onsen water).

Esprique Select Eye Color

Esprique will debut its new line of Select Eye Color (800yen) on 16 July in Japan. Designed to last up to ten hours, these contain microfine diamond powder for an elegant shine and translucent finish, plus hyaluronic acid and amino acid coated powder for smooth application and close adhesion to the skin. The 16 shades comprising 4 Highlight Colors, 4 Bright Colors, 4 Natural Colors and 4 Deep Colors.

The case that fits two eyeshadows will retail for 800yen. For the launch, Esprique will offer a limited edition Select Eye Color Kit (1200yen) that includes one of the highlight colors and the case. There will also be 10 new shades of Rich Fondue Rouge.

Maybelline Colossal Chaotic Lash Mascara

Maybelline's latest mascara offering is pretty radical as it's probably the first mascara ad to show such extremely spidery lashes, calling it a 'sexy mess'.

While I did not find the ad visual to be appealing at all, this was super cheap ringing in at under US$6 so I bought a tube just for the fun of trying it out. This is made in the USA.

The mascara pulls out of the tube cleanly without any clumps on the brush, which is slightly angled upwards at the tip. The formula is more slick compared to Cover Girl's Super Sizer mascara and much more jet black in comparison. I purchased this in Blackest Black in the waterproof version, as Maybelline mascaras tend to smudge on me.

The instructions advise sweeping the Teaser Brush from root to tip for instant volume, and then turning the brush vertically and sweeping it from side to side to disorganize the lashes. I used it simply the normal way from root to tip.

Colossal Chaotic Lash turned out to be good at adding volume and definition to my lashes. It does not have the lifting and curling power of Benefit Roller Lash mascara so using an eyelash curler beforehand is still essential. With that done, the mascara does hold the curl of my lashes pretty well throughout the day. I was expecting this to be prone to clumping but it was not that bad actually. If over-applied, the lashes do end up sticking together but this is usually easily fixed.

Overall, this is pretty good for daily use as it's easy to work with, and lasts well throughout the day without flaking or smearing. For a product that needs to be replaced every other month, it doesn't burn a hole in one's pocket. The waterproof formula was also relatively easy to remove and I did not experience any loss of lashes with this.

List of ingredients below.

Sunday 14 June 2015

Addiction Fall 2015

According to Fumi Uchida, the upcoming Addiction new 99-shade eyeshadow lineup retains 38 shades from the existing line. However, although the shade names for these 38 will remain the same, there seems to be subtle changes in the shades due to the reformulation.

Head over here to see Creative Director Ayako's suggestions for composing a 9-shade palette under various themes such as Material Girl, Tough Love, My Baby, Trust Me etc.

Pic below from Beautist.

Below is the Trust Me set.

Friday 12 June 2015

Addiction Fall 2015 Tough Love

Fans of Addiction, brace yourself for the Tough Love collection launching on 7 August in Japan as Addiction is renewing its whole eyeshadow lineup. The revamped 99-shade range will continue to feature four textures (the current range has only 64 shades). Creative Director Ayako revealed at the Tokyo press preview that she decided to stop just short of 100 shades in order to signify that the range was not completed yet and that it held the potential for more. The display concept breaks the shades down into 9 groups of 11 shades each: white/black, pink/beige, yellow/beige, pink/purple, yellow/green, matte brown, pearl brown, rose/burgundy and accent shades.

Pic below by Nao.

There are no details yet on what's new about the formula, but some shades seem to be carried over from the current range such as Alice (the matte bold red). The shimmery pale mint could be Midnight Drive. Hopefully, the brand will use the names to distinguish which shades are truly brand new versus those that are existing ones. Assuming the price remains at 2160 yen, collecting all 99 shades will cost a whopping 213,840yen (US$1729). Or as someone suggested on Instagram, you could buy 9 shades each month to collect all of these in under a year!

Pic below by Keiko Watanabe.

Pic below by Et Rouge.

Pic below by Elle Japan.

Pic below by Abe Sawako.

Pics below by Jessica Michibata.