Friday 29 November 2013

Coffret D'Or Spring 2014

Here are the pics and details of the Coffret D'Or Spring 2014 collection, due out in December.

3D Gradation Eyes 07 Orange Brown and 08 Pink Grey (limited edition)

Smile Up Cheeks #9 Feminine Red, #10 Sweet Pink and #11 Pure Peach (limited edition)

Rouge Essence: 8 new shades including 2 LE shades

Elegant Jewelry Rouge: 6 shades

Brow Designer Powder: 3 shades

Kanebo has also just launched a new sub-brand, Coffret D'Or Gran targeted at ladies in their 50s and above. The range consists of Cover Fit Pact UV foundation and Liquid UV foundation, and a Moist Cover Base UV.

Thursday 28 November 2013

Tokidoki x Jujube Bags in TokiPerky and Unikiki

Being a longtime fan of Tokidoki bags, I couldn't resist picking up a couple of bags from their recent collaborations with Jujube, a diaper bag company. The timing was perfect too, with my baby boy arriving last month.

My first purchase was the Better Be shoulder bag in the TokiPerky print released for Spring 2013.

Next was the larger Be Prepared diaper bag in the Unikiki print released for Holiday 2013. This unicorn-themed print was immensely popular with most of the lower-priced bags selling out in a flash on the day of release. Unfortunately, it looks like there won't be a restock, so the only recourse is Ebay for many of the designs. It's disappointing that Tokidoki and Jujube can't seem to get the task of anticipating demand right, even after several collections. Diehard Tokidoki fans are reduced to stalking their website for these popular collections but not everyone has the time to do that.

The Be Prepared is quite a bit taller and roomier than the Better Be. For a quick trip outside for a few hours, for example to the mall, the Better Be is the perfect size and fits everything that I need. It also affords faster access to the interior via the flap with a magnetic closure whereas the Be Prepared's main compartment needs to be unzipped. The side pockets of Better Be are also easier to access compared to those of Be Prepared which have a covering flap.

Better Be's shoulder strap is also slightly wider compared to that of Be Prepared. I found Be Prepared to be surprisingly heavy when empty, so this will probably be reserved for travelling.

Both bags come with a padded changing mat, with the Better Be having a slightly larger one.

The cheerful whimsical prints never fail to brighten up my day. The prints featured in the Jujube collections are amongst the most charming ever done by Tokidoki, with none of the leggy Japanese girls common in the older Tokidoki releases.

Inside, there are several netted and zip pockets which make organising the multitude of items a baby needs a breeze. The bright interiors make it easy to see the contents.

My Samsung S2 phone slides easily into the side pocket.

Be Prepared has metal studs on the bottom but not the Better Be.

Overall, I think these are the best bags that Tokidoki has produced since its classic LeSportSac creations, in terms of the attractiveness of the prints and the quality of the bags. Hopefully, Tokidoki will continue this collaboration with Jujube for several more seasons to come. Tokidoki has also just released another Sanrio collection, which can be viewed here.

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Shiseido Celebrate Color with Dick Page

Video clip of the recent Shiseido Celebrate Color with Dick Page event in Tokyo on 19 November previewing the Spring 2014 makeup collection.

Party guests commented on the new spring shades here.

Lunasol Spring 2014

Here are the details of the Lunasol Spring 2014 collection, due out on 17 January in Japan.

1. Sand Natural Eyes: 4 eyeshadow quads in Natural, Warm, Cool and Clear variations. (5250yen)

2. Sand Pastel Eyes: Eyeshadow duos comprising a pastel shade and a shiny pearl shade. (2625yen, LE)

3. Shiny Pencil Eyeliner: 3 shades (2100yen)

4. Sand Natural Cheeks: Tri-tone blushes in pink and orange variations. (3675yen, LE)

5. Full Glamour Lips: 6 shades (3150yen)

6. Full Glamour Gloss a in shiny sand beige (2625yen, LE)

7. Nail Finish N: 4 milky pastel shades (1575yen, LE)
Pics from Biteki.

Anna Sui Spring 2014

Anna Sui will release the following products for Spring 2014 on 4 January in Japan. All items are limited edition.

1. Rose Cheek Color #302 Princess Rose and #601 Magical Rose (3675yen) (see pic here)

2. Lip Crayon #302 Coral Pink (with gold shimmer) and #303 Rose Pink (with silver pearl and silver and red shimmer), #702 Peach Beige (2310yen, 1.5g) (see pic here).

3. Protective Lip Balm SPF25 PA++ (2940yen, 3g)

Saturday 23 November 2013

Paul & Joe Spring 2014

Here are the official images for the Paul & Joe Spring 2014 makeup collection, due out on 6 January in Japan. Aside from the limited edition Collection Sparkles lipsticks and face colors, there is also a delectable new line of eyeshadow trios and a Silky Smooth Foundation UV slated for the permanent line.

Eye Color Trio (US$35) and Eye Color Trio Compact (US$10)

01 Breakfast in Bed – Bright and warm browns to mimic a sunny day
02 My Little Kitty (Mon Petit Chaton) – A sweet and sexy trio of browns
03 Garden of Flowers (Le Jardin de Fleurs) – A playful combination of fresh green, flower pink and a touch of lavender
04 Tree Shaded Walkway – Sophisticated maple colors reminiscent of the changing season
05 Cherry Blossom – Natural shades of pink, gold and brown blend for an effortlessly chic look
06 April in Paris – These three romantic shades are the perfect pastel pairing evocative of Paris in the springtime
07 Stormy Weather – These sultry shades are perfect for the spirited woman looking for a dark & smoldering look
08 Night Cafe – Three metallic shades create an effortlessly smoky day-to-night eye

Face Powder S ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

Lipstick CS ($20.00) and Lipstick Case ($7.00) (Limited Edition)
084 Poppy – This cheerful fresh orange gives you the bouncy step of a beautiful Poppy flower
085 Peony – An exciting baby pink is perfect for lips that want to make a statement
086 Rosebud – A sheer red suggests secret passion and ignites the fire of spring’s life

Face Brush S ($30.00)

Color Powder CS ($28.00) (Limited Edition)
088 Dahlia – Gorgeous coral orange to give you a fresh morning glow
089 Azalea – A brilliant pink leaves the cheeks naturally flushed
090 Amaryllis – A radiant red perfect for all occasions

Nail Enamel ($16.00) (Limited Edition)
036 Lily – A purifying pink white
037 Hyacinth – A clear blue provides a calming escape
038 Petunia – A light touch of peaceful pink
039 Buttercup – A cheerful sun yellow to brighten up your days
040 Carnation – A sheer vermillion red that says nothing but love

Paul & Joe Beauty is available on, B-Glowing,, and All ship internationally except for

Thursday 21 November 2013

Majolica Majorca Spring 2014

The Majolica Majorca Spring 2014 collection, due out on 21 January in Japan, will consist of the following:

1. Line Hunter BK999: black liquid eyeliner (1050yen, 0.5ml)

2. Perfect Automatic Liner VI303 冷静沈着 (violet with purple pearl shimmer) and RD303 血の気 (red with red shimmer) (1260yen, limited edition)

3. Honey Pump Gloss Neo: OR202 口車 (nude-toned orange) and PK101 油断(sweet pink) (504yen, limited edition)

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Shiseido Spring 2014

Shiseido will launch its Spring '14 collection on 1 January in Japan.

It includes:
1. Lacquer Gloss: Available in 8 shades BR301, BE102, OR303, PK304, RD305, RS306 (used on model in the ad), VI207 and VI708. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and S Hydrowrap Vitalising DE moisture complex. (3150yen, 7.5ml)

2. Lacquer Rouge: 7 new shades in RD319, RD320, RD321, RS322, RS723, VI324 and PK425 (3675yen, 6ml).

3. Shimmering Eye Color: 8 new shades in YE216, BE217, RS318, GR619, BL620, RS321, BL722 and BR623 (3150yen, 6g)

4. Sheer Eyezone Corrector: 2 shades #103 and #104 (3780yen, 4.1g)
Pics below from Fashion Headline.

Maquillage will release a new Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo with enhanced moisturising benefits for spring. Pic below tweeted by Nao.