Saturday 30 June 2007

Shu Uemura new collection

Shu Uemura will be releasing the following on 1 July in Japan:

1. 6 new shades of Pressed Eyeshadow N, 2100yen
2. Traincase, 36750yen
3. Precise Length Mascara in 3 shades, 3360yen
4. Depsea Moisture Mask (23ml x 6 sheets), 6300yen

Gransenbon summer collection

Gransenbon's new collection is due out on 27 July and it will include the following:

1. Gran Blush #11 Sugar Marmalade (fresh orange), 1890yen

2. Matte Remake Powder #3 Honey Beige, 2100yen

3. Maxi Effect Eyes #4 Chic Effect (peach x khaki), #5 Fresh Effect (orange beige x brown), #6, Sweet Effect (strawberry x brown), 1575yen
It's strange that the new blush is #11 as I don't recall Gransenbon releasing a #10 before!

Wednesday 27 June 2007

Susie NY Exoticism & Resort collection

The Susie NY website has been updated with the Exoticism & Resort collection which features three limited edition eyeshadow duos in vibrant shades and some new nailpolishes.

RMK fall collection

Pic of RMK's fall collection which includes Beige Mix Eyes (6 shades, 3150yen), Beige Mix Cheeks (3 shades, 3150yen), Beige Mix Gloss (5 shades, 2940yen) and 3 new shades of Nail Color N (2310yen). The release date is 24 August. Looks cute but my goodness, the compacts are tiny!! Trying to squeeze a few colours into such a small space usually means that the colours get all over one another and it just becomes a big mess after some time.
The pic is from this Japanese blog.

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact

Photo of the upcoming JS Mix Blush Compact posted on 2Channel! It looks too pretty! The concept of an attached brush does seem useful but the unusual design also looks a bit tricky to store with the brush dangling off the compact.

Stila Mandarin Mist EDP

Stila's Mandarin Mist EDP (30ml, 4725yen) will be released in Japan on 3 August. It has top notes of Japanese yuzu (citrus) and tangerine; middle notes of mimosa, orange blossom, jasmine and blackcurrant; and base notes of musk and cyclamen. The bottle is in the typical Stila floral design, not as exquisite as Stella McCartney's perfume bottles but the notes sound more promising!

Monday 25 June 2007

Shu Uemura fall collection

Yet another fall collection news, this time from Shu Uemura. The collection which is inspired by traditional Japanese prints and colours can be viewed on the Hankyu department store website (scroll to the bottom of the page) where the collection will be launched early on 18 July. The collection includes:
1. 4 Cream Eyeshadows (2940yen)
2. 5 Pressed Eyeshadows N (2415yen)
3. 2 Glow On blushes (2940yen)
4. 3 Rouge Unlimited lipsticks (3150yen)
5. 3 Liquid Eyeliners (navy, brown, white; 2625yen)
6. 2 nail polishes (1575yen)
7. Eyelashes

All items are limited edition. The blushes are M Persimmon and P Gold Flower. The eyeshadows are M Indigo, M Ebi, P Sakura, P Grey and M Nightingale (?).

Majolica Majorca Beauty in Black

Photo of the whole Beauty in Black fall collection from Majolica Majorca! The lip cream Majo Kiss looks like the same packaging as the Imitation Kiss from the Xmas 2006 collection. The Majex (lipgloss) shades look absolutely delicious and the eyeliner shades also look great. I think this is by far the most wearable collection that MM has released this year.

Canmake Summer collection

I stumbled upon the new Canmake summer collection displays in the store today and immediately fell in love with the new limited edition Cheek Gradation #4 Chocolate (840yen). It is a gorgeous mix of rich red-toned brown, medium rosy pink, a light baby pink and pinkish white that you can mix and blend as you like. It's not so dark that it looks like dirt on my skintone like most brown blushes/bronzers. Instead, it gives a lovely rosy wash of colour. Each of the shades are also quite pretty on their own and would be great as eyeshadow too. The texture is excellent, pigmented and shimmery without being too garish or loud.

The collection also includes two highlighters in the same style as the Cheek Gradation. One has four different shades of white and the other has four shades of very pale pink and white. There are also two bronzers with in a round compact, each with a small strip of a shimmery highlighter shade, plus a few new nailpolishes.

Also snapped a pic of the Kiss summer collection display. Loved the Nail Enamel RS #Mermaid Dress (shimmery light pink) and #8 Goldfish (bright cherry red) but restrained myself from getting them since I already have a ton of nailpolishes.

Sunday 24 June 2007

Urban Decay Primer Potion, Visee and JS thoughts

As many of my friends know, I've been a faithful user of T'estimo Eye Bright Up Base for the past two years. It has worked so well for me that I've never been tempted to try other brands. That was until I received a deluxe sample tube of Urban Decay Primer Potion as part of a Sephora beauty bag promo. After sitting idle in my makeup drawer for the past few months, I finally fished it out and brought it along with me on my recent trip to Osaka and Kyoto. And I'm happy to report that UDPP truly lives up to its stellar reputation on MUA where 92% of reviewers say that they would buy it again. And yes, it beats even T'estimo Eye Bright Up Base!

With T'estimo Eye Bright Up Base, I do get some minimal creasing at the inner corners of my eyes after more than 12 hours of wear. With UDPP, I did my makeup at 8am and my eye makeup still looked perfect at midnight that day, after more than 16 hours on a hot summer day when my skin was supremely oily! There was not a single crease even at the inner corners. I was just astounded when I was preparing to wash off my makeup after a long train journey and saw in the mirror that the eyeshadows remained just as shimmery and the colours just as true as when I first applied them. (I was using Jill Stuart's Brilliance Eyes #5 Mauve Pearl palette that day.)

On my trip, I also discovered a great way of wearing Jill Stuart's #1 Pink Quartz palette by using it with Visee's Aqua Shining Eyes GY003. I can't rave enough about Aqua Shining Eyes GY003 which is a complex dark metallic purple-tinted grey with flashes of burgundy. It is a truly unique shade that has no close duplicate in other brands. Best of all, it's priced very affordably just like UDPP, at 1890yen but Japanese drugstores usually discount Visee by 20% to 25% so I got it for 1417yen. I actually prefer the smoother texture of Aqua Shining Eyes to Jill Stuart's Eye Jellies as I find that Aqua Shining Eyes is slightly easier to apply and blend than JS Eye Jellies.

Anyway, back to the combo of Aqua Shining Eyes GY003 and JS #1 Pink Quartz quad: I used ASE GY003 from the upper lashline to a little below the crease as the liner shade, then the taupe shade (first from the right) from #1 Pink Quartz in the outer half of the crease to the middle; the purple shade (2nd from the right) from #1 Pink Quartz from the middle of the crease to the inner corner; then finally either the pink or light pinkish beige shade as a wash over the brow bone area. (The way I apply my eyeshadow is contrary to the technique most commonly taught by makeup artists who usually start with a base shade all over the lid first and finish with the eyeliner shade.) The Aqua Shining Eyes GY003 complements the shades in #1 Pink Quartz perfectly and I think it will work just as well with the other Brilliance Eyes palettes. If you happen to own ASE GY003 and any of the JS palettes, do give it a try!

Majolica Majorca news

Some tidbits on the November release from MM: the collection will include gel eyeliners (finally!), new shades of Frozen Splash Eyes and cream blushes like Maybelline's mousse blushes. The four new single eyeshadows coming out in July are: WT920 (Metallic), PK421 (Luminastic, shocking pink), BK922 (Metallic), BR223 (Metallica, golden brown).

Givenchy Prism Again! Starry 777 quad

A close-up photo of the Givenchy Prism Again! Starry 777 quad (so called as it is being released on 7 July 2007). It retails for 5775yen by itself and is also available as part of a kit that I had posted about earlier. The kit will cost 6300yen and includes a tote bag, mascara and lipgloss.

Saturday 23 June 2007

Maquillage Neo Climax Lip

The Maquillage website has a sneak preview page of the upcoming Neo Climax Lip liquid lipstick range. Just click on the small pink box (it says "What's next?" when you move your cursor over it)at the bottom right corner of the page.

Jill Stuart Fall Collection

Jill Stuart's fall collection will be released on 3 August in Japan, which is excellent news for me as that's just before I leave Tokyo :-) Shown in the first photo are (from left):

*Lip Lustre #15, 2940yen
*Nail Lacquer #41 ("mirror pink") and #43 (sweet soft coral), 1575yen
*Mix Blush Compact #1, 4725yen
*Jelly Eye Color #20 (smokey pink), 2310yen
*Liquid Eyeliner #6 and #7 (shiney rose), 2625yen
*Brilliance Eyes #6 (deep garnet) and #7 (night violet), 5250yen

The brush is not listed separately so it is probably part of a set with the Mix Blush Compact. The packaging with the pink crystal on the handle is just too adorable! In the second photo below, Jelly Eye Color #21 (soft mauve) is shown along with Testimo Color Eyes N W-32, Anna Sui LIquid Eye Color #500 and Awake Gem Glint Liner Stardom #8. In the third photo, Jill Stuart Lip Lustre #16 (peach pink) is shown along with Lancome Juicy Tube #90 and Maquillage Neo Climax Lip RD457.

All in all, it looks like a very wearable collection and I expect the Mix Blush Compact will be a big hit. It's great that Jill Stuart is extending the Brilliance Eyes range but I wish they would come up with totally new shades instead of including shades that are very similar to those in the existing palettes. #6 looks very similar to #2 Crystal Jade except that the green shade in #6 looks like a deeper emerald and there's a silvery grey instead of the crystal blue in #2. The white shade in #7 also looks very similar to that in #5 Mauve Pearl.

Fall Collection photos

Check out these fall collection pics from the August issues of CanCam! I almost jumped with delight in the convenience store when I saw the Jill Stuart collection photo, especially the new pressed blush. The Awake palettes look a bit disappointing though, hopefully they will be nicer in person. Here are the brief details on each brand.

RMK (release date: 24 August)
Nail Color N #98, #99, 2310yen
Beige Mix Gloss, 2940yen (#1 and #3 are shown)
Beige Mix Eyes, 3150yen (#3 and #6 are shown)
Beige Mix Cheeks, 3150yen (#3 is shown)

Paul & Joe (release date: 17 August)
Face Color #8 and #9, 2940yen
Face Color Powder CS N #52, #53, #54, 2730yen
Lipstick CS N #52, #53, 3045yen

Testimo (release date 16 August)
There will be 12 new single eyeshadows. Shown in the photo are GD25, BG24, BE18, RS17, BR71 and DG01.
Crystallish Gloss PK13, G005, RD06; 2310yen.

Awake (release date: 4 August)
Reflectance Eyes Stardom E6 and E7, 5040yen
Lip Lacquer Stardom #14 and #15, 2940yen
Nail Lacquer Stardom #50, 1050yen

Stila (release date: 6 July)
Baked Eyeshadow Floral Kitten and Mandarin Mist, 3885yen
Baked Cheek Color 3657yen
Lipglaze Mandarin Mist 4095yen

YSL (release date: 3 August)
Ombre Duo Lumiere, 5565yen
Palette Esprit Couture, 7665yen

Anna Sui (release date: 23 August)
Pressed Powder M 02 and M 03 (limited edition), 4200yen
Mini Rouge #302 (candy pink) and #700, 2100yen
Eye Color Accent #802 and #206, 2625yen
Liquid Eye Color #800 (gold), 2310yen
Sui Rouge V 360, 2940yen

Majolica Majorca Beauty in Black fall collection

Majolica Majorca's "Beauty in Black" fall collection is featured on page 226 of the August issue of Ray magazine which was just published today in Japan. The items shown are Shadow Customise (single eyeshadow; 525yen) in BK922 and WT920. BK922 is described as a black with blue and gold pearl and WT920 is a shimmery pure white. The Jewelling Pencil (pencil eyeliner; 735yen) shades shown are (from left) BK901, SV802 and PK204, all of which have silver shimmer. Five shades of Rouge Majex (lipgloss; 924yen) are also featured. The bright cherry red shade in the middle of the page is PK404. The four shades shown on the left side are (from left) BE205, PK338, #21 and PK102. BE205 is a nude beige with shimmery gold pearl and PK338 is a bright pink. #21 is a very shimery pearl shade while PK102 is described as a milky pink with red pearl. Also shown are the new Lash Expander Neo and Lash Bond which I had posted about earlier.

This is not the complete collection which will have 4 new Shadow Customise shades, 9 shades of Majex lipgloss and 10 shades of the Jewelling Pencil as well as a Majo Kiss lip cream. The collection is due out on 21 July in Japan. Can't wait!

Friday 22 June 2007

Aube & Lunasol launch party pics

Some photos from the Aube and Lunasol fall collection launch parties from

Ayura fall collection

Ayura will be releasing a limited edition Eye Sketch Kit in 3 variations (5040yen) on 23 July in Japan. Each kit will include 2 Eye Sketch Markers and 1 Eye Sketch Liner. There will also be 3 new shades of Aqua Fix Gloss (RD30 Autumn Glory [limited edition], PK33 Himeazami, BE31 Leaf Beige; 2625yen) and 3 new shades of Glossoming Nail (BE15 Moon Glow, GY10 Misty Forest, RS12 Hiss; 1050yen)

Stila Japan official website

Stila Japan has launched its official website at

Since being sold by Estee Lauder, Stila's Japan operations have also been undergoing consolidation with the closure of several counters. Currently, there are only 4 counters left in Tokyo. Hopefully Stila Japan will continue to release Japan-exclusive collections such as Spring 2007's Ephemeral and June 2006's June Bride palettes. In July, Stila Japan will be releasing its annual revamped versions of its makeup pouches and mirrors.

Paul & Joe Eye Color Primer

Paul & Joe's new Eye Color Primer (2940yen) will be released in Japan on 17 August. It will be available in 3 shades. In addition to preventing eyeshadows from creasing and fading, it also has moisturising properties to help prevent dryness and brighten the eye area.
P&J is made in Japan by Albion.

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Neo

Majolica Majorca will be releasing a revamped version of their bestselling Lash Expander on 21 July in Japan. When Lash Expander was first introduced in January 2006, it sold so well that the stores could not keep up with demand and it was out of stock for several weeks. Lash Expander Neo contains 20% more lengthening fibres than the original version and has a new wax formula for greater volumising effect and a softer finish. There will also be a new mascara base, Lash Bond (in the white tube). Both will retail for 1260yen each.

Friday 15 June 2007

Maquillage Fall Collection

The theme for Maquillage's fall 2007 collection is "Handsome Beauty". The collection includes:

1. Neo Climax Lip (lipgloss in twist-click packaging), 8 shades, 2625yen
OR331 - fresh apricot orange
BE352 - mod nude beige
RD753 - natural mellow red
RD354 - flower red
RS755 - cool chic rose
PK356 - blush pink
RD457 - jewel red
RD658 - dark brick red

2. Sheer Climax Rouge (lipstick), 6 new shades, 3150yen
BE344 - satin beige with gold shimmer
BR345 - chic red-toned brown
RD246 - pure chiffon pink
RD347 - elegant berry red
RS748 - sweet, cool moderate rose
RS549 - mysterious deep red

3. Colour On Climax Rouge (lipstick), 6 new shades, 3150yen
BE394 - tender beige
PK795 - natural soft pink
RD796 - mature luxurious red
RS397 - elegant blush rose
RD398 - feminine silk red
PK399 - fresh tango pink

4. Sparkle Contrast Eyes II (eyeshadow palette), 4 shades, 3675yen.
GY851, BR752, RS753, BL754. Each palette contains a "nuance powder (top left), a shadow powder (top right), a cream liner (bottom left) and a cream base (bottom left).

5. Brow & Shadow Compact, 2 shades, 3150yen
#10 Dark Brown, #20 Natural Brown

6. Eye Color (single eyeshadow), 4 new shades, 1050yen (

BE781 - metallic smoky beige, PK782 - metallic smoky pink, RD783 - metallic smoky red, BL784 - metallic smoky blue)

7. Nail Color, 4 new shades, 945yen (

SV821, RS722, BE723, BR624)

Maquillage will also be revamping their base makeup line on 21 August with the release of the new Climax Moisture Compact Foundation (SPF15, PA+). The new foundation is formulated with three types of powder to conceal pores and add a glowy, healthy effect. It also has hyaluronic acid for a moisturising effect. The foundation will be available in 8 shades. There will also be a new Pressed Powder and a Concealer Liquid (SPF10, PA+) in 2 shades, Light and Natural. There will also be a new shade of the Pre-Makeup Skin Brightener in Natural Yellow for concealing redness.

The advertising campaign will feature a new model, An, in addition to the current spokesmodels, actress Shinohara Ryoko and model Ebihara Yuri.

These pics of the collection pamphlet were posted on 2Channel. The "Feminine Handsome" looks:

"Cool Handsome"

Some close-up pics of the new products can be seen in the official press release (only in Japanese).

Kiss EDT review

After a long hunt, I finally tracked down Kiss' Angel Kiss EDT on the first floor of the Ainz Tulpe drugstore in Harajuku today. Described as a "fruity floral with top notes of cassis, grapefruit, apple, peach; middle notes of rose, carnation, freesia; and base notes of white musk and amber", I found it to be pretty much as described. My amateur nose can only make out the peach and grapefruit notes. It dries down to a more subtle floral scent that is not too sweet or cloying. It's nice enough but just not distinctive or special enough to replace my favourite perfumes. It comes in a frosted glass bottle that is not the most convenient for travelling but it does look more elegant in real life than the photo on the Kiss website, where it looked like a cheap plastic bottle.

Suntory Iemon Chimes

One of my hobbies is collecting the cute trinkets that are given away by various drink companies. These chimes are currently being given free with the Suntory Iemon green tea 500ml bottles (147yen). There are 12 designs in total, each featuring a flower that blooms in each month of the year. Yet another of the small things that I'm going to miss about Japan...

Various non-makeup hauls

Sorry for the lack of updates as I've been on vacation. Been doing quite a bit of shopping during my vacation! I picked up this white and blue halter chiffon dress from Indio in Harajuku today. The price tag was 4725yen but the store was running a 30% discount so I paid only 3307yen :-) It was also available in red and black. The necklace (1680yen) and earrings (1050yen) are from the NEXT (a UK High Street brand) store in Aqua City, Odaiba.

Also got this cute little Ariel trash can (about 20cm tall) and Marie the Aristocats can from the Daiso 100yen store in Takeshita-dori in Harajuku.

Friday 8 June 2007

Love Clover Eyeliners

Up next from Love Clover: Liquid Eyeliner and Pencil Eyeliner. Both will retail for 1260yen each and they are due out on 12 July in Japan. They are supposed to be resistant against sweat, tears, water and sebum. The pencil eyeliner is soft when applied as it is made with a wax that melts when it comes into contact with body heat. It looks like they will be available in only one shade, black.

Kiss website update

Kiss' website has been updated with the new nailpolish collection that will be released on 22 June. Do check it out!

The products used for this look are:
1. Pure Jelly Drop #1 Snow Drop
2. Eye Nuance Palette #3 Aqua
3. Mascara Premium Long #2 Navy
4. Prism Jewellery Eyeliner #2 Navy
5. Dual Fairy Blush #1 Peach
6. Coloring Eyebrow #1 Ash Brown

Lunasol fall palettes

Photo of the upcoming Lunasol fall palettes (release date: 17 Aug) was posted on 2Channel. The square pan in the middle of each palette is for adding a layer of sparkle. From top to bottom:
1. Cat's Eyes
2. Alexandrite
3. Diamond
4. Sapphire
5. Ruby

Thursday 7 June 2007

Hello Kitty laptop by NEC

This was just too cute not to share! NEC has produced a Hello Kitty laptop in collaboration with Sanrio with target sales of more than 500. Priced at 199,500yen each.

Visee fall collection

Visee's fall collection will debut on 1 July in Japan. The brand, which is aimed at young women in their late teens to early 20s, is emphasising shimmery eyeshadows and eyeliners with a metallic, jewel-like shimmer. The sleek packaging of the Jewel Crush Eyes is a great improvement over their current eyeshadow quads. Looks like Visee (which is owned by Kose) is trying to give Kate (which is owned by Kanebo) a run for its money!

1. Jewel Crush Eyes eyeshadow quads. 5 shades, 2415yen

2. Jewel Crush Eyeliner (shimmery liquid eyeliner). 3 shades (black, brown and purple). 1575yen.

3. Metallic Gloss Rouge (lipgloss), 3 shades, 2100yen.

4. Glamorous Nail, 5 shades, 525yen.

The description on the photo reads:
Top Left - Jewel Crush Color
Top Right - Nuance Color
Bottom Left - Highlight Color
Bottom Right - Deep Color

Testimo fall collection

Testimo's fall collection "Mysterious Modern" will officially launch in Japan on 16 August (but likely to arrive in the drugstores 1-2 weeks ahead, going by previous launches). The collection includes:

1. W Designing Eyebrow (double-ended eyebrow shade with a pencil liner on one end and a powder on the other). Available in 3 shades. The pencil liner refills and powder refills will retail for 945yen each and the holder is 1260yen.

2. Colour Eyes N (single eyeshadow), 12 new shades. 1050yen each.

3. Crystallish Gloss, 3 new shades. 2100yen each.

Testimo's big collections are spring (Jan) and summer (June) every year when they release new eyeshadow palettes while their fall, winter and late spring (March) are usually much smaller releases. Unfortunately, the spokesmodel for the fall collection is still the very unpopular Asami Mizukawa... ick.