Thursday 28 September 2017

Visee Matte Lip Lacquer

Visee will launch its new Matte Lip Lacquer (1500yen, 6 shades) on 16 November in Japan. The soft mousse formula supposedly helps to make lips look plumper without emphasising the lip lines. Pics from Maquia.

Addiction Holiday 2017

Here are more pics of the Addiction Christmas Love coffret (7400yen) from Maquia.

Pics below by Megumi Kanzaki.

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Cosme Decorte AQ MW Holiday 2017

Here are more pics from Biteki of the Cosme Decorte AQ MW Eternal Moment coffret (7000yen) set for release on 1 November in Japan. It includes a beige pink Eye Glow Gem, a purplish brown Lasting Gel Eyeliner, a ladylike pink Rouge Glow and a pink cream blush paired with a dewy highlighter, all housed in a gorgeous vintage cake-esque box.

Below are the official visuals.

According to Maquia, there will be two limited edition shades of Eye Glow Gem launching on 1 December as part of a collaboration with hair and makeup artist Yusuke Kawakita. One is described as a sexy navy blue with silver and blue pearl while the other is a deep bordeaux with red and purple pearl.

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Majolica Majorca Fall 2017 featuring Milky Skin Remaker

Majolica Majorca is finally releasing a new foundation this fall on 21 October in Japan. The Milky Skin Remaker SPF28 PA+++ (1700yen, 10g) is a gel-type foundation that melds onto the skin to help create the look of a soft, fresh, milky complexion. Refills will retail at 1300yen. Sadly, it is available in only 2 shades, Light Beige and Natural Beige, because clearly, even in Japan, only these two light skin tones are worth catering to (*shaking my head*). It performs the following five functions: foundation, primer, sunscreen, finishing powder and moisture veil. There will also be a limited edition Sugar Moment Body & Hair Cream (800yen, 100g).

Anna Sui Holiday 2017

Here are the details of the Anna Sui Holiday 2017 collection launching in two parts in November and December in Japan. For once, the Anna Sui holiday collection is looking more attractive compared to Jill Stuart and Addiction! I would love to own that Beauty Box A, Beauty Mirror and the Kaleidoscope Gift Box.

1 Nov

1. Makeup Coffret Set K (6500yen)

2. Eye & Face Color Stick G (3 shades, 2500yen)

3. Nail Color K (5 shades, 1200yen)

4. Kaleidoscope Gift Box (1200yen)

1 Dec

1. Beauty Box A (3800yen)

2. Beauty Mirror N (2500yen)

Addiction Holiday 2017

Addiction will release its Las Vegas-inspired Holiday Addiction Christmas Love coffret (7400yen) on 17 November in Japan. It includes a Christmas Love palette with four eyeshadows and one blush, a nail polish, Lip Glaze in Christmas Love (clear dark plum) and a clutch bag. Pics from Fashion Press.

The eyeshadows are Engaged (shiny pink beige), Christmas Love (gold beige with light shimmer), Mariage (champagne beige) and So Gorgeous (true brown with multi-color reflects). The sheer pink blush with silver pearl is named Fall In Love. The rather boring pale shade combination looks more typical of what one would expect from Lunasol rather than the more edgy Addiction.

Jill Stuart Holiday 2017

Here are more details on the Jill Stuart Holiday 2017 collection, which is a collaboration with designer Jill Stuart's daughter Morgan Lane's designer lingerie and sleepwear line. The collection is split into two parts with the two coffrets launching on 3 November, followed by the color makeup and bodycare collection on 17 November. Pics from Biteki.

The Pajama Party Collection A (Tulle Lingerie) and B (Lanie's Special) will each retail for 7500yen. Each includes a Moonlight Illuminator, a Dreamy Couture Eyes palette, Kitten Eyes Liner and Jelly Lip Gloss formulated with apricot oil and peach extract.

Shown below are the Dreamy Wish Eyeshadow (2200yen, 5 shades), Crystal Lip Tint (2800yen, 2 shades), Starry Twinkle Nails (1500yen, 3 shades, 10ml), Lip Cream V (1000yen, 2 shades), Relax Body Milk V (250ml, 3000yen) and Relax Hand Cream V (1200yen, 30g).

Cosme Decorte AQ MW

Here's a sneak preview of the Cosme Decorte AQ MW holiday coffret launching on 1 November in Japan. The design is inspired by vintage cakes. Pic by Tomoichi.

The face powder set below will be released on 1 December.

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Jill Stuart Holiday 2017

Here's a sneak preview from BeautySakura of the Jill Stuart Pajama Party Collection coffret launching in November. After a year of consistently stellar releases, I'm surprised that the coffret looks so disappointingly childish and tawdry. A definite pass for sure!