Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lunasol 15th Anniversary Summer 2014

Lunasol continues the celebration of its 15th anniversary with its Summer 2014 collection set for release on 16 May in Japan. It includes:

1. 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes in EX01 Cool Beige and EX02 Warm Coral (5000yen)

2. W Lighting Eyes: 3 eyeshadow duos EX01 Lighting Purple, EX02 Lighting Turquoise and EX03 Lighting Coral (2500yen)

3. W Lighting Mascara EX01 Dark Purple x Lighting Navy (3000yen)

4. W Lighting Lips EX01 Clear Pink x Lighting Pink, EX02Clear Fuchsia x Lighting Fuchsia, EX03 Clear Coral x Lighting Coral (2800yen)

5. Nail Finish N EX28 Lighting Purple, EX29 Lighting Turquoise and EX30 Lighting Fuchsia (1500yen)

All products are limited edition. See the rest of the collection pamphlet here and real life pics on Kyoko Iida and here.

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Chelsea said...

Those eye palettes are too pretty!