Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Shu Uemura Fall 2014 Brave Beauty

Shu Uemura used to term its seasonal color makeup collections as part of its "Mode Makeup" series. The very first was called "Flaggy", released in 1968 by brand creator Uemura. Chocolat Donna from Fall 2012 was #135. The upcoming Brave Beauty collection will be the first 'volume' in a new Vision of Beauty Collection by Artistic Director Kakuyasu Uchiide.

Set for release on 1 August in Japan, the collection includes:

1. Eye Palette: Three palettes in pink, green and orange variations (6500yen)

2. Lasting Soft Gel Pencil: 3 shades (2000yen)

3. Rouge Unlimited: 6 shades in maroon, fuchsia, orange hues (3000yen)

4. Satin Radiant Stick: 4 shades

5. Brave Beauty Lashes (2500yen)

6. Brave Beauty Face Stars (2200yen)

All products are limited edition. See more pics from the press preview on Kire no Hone, here and Biplivoce.

Also set for release on 1 August are the Tsuya Lotion (4800yen, 150ml) which comes in three types: I Fresh Watery, II Watery and III Rich Jelly; and The Lightbulb Oleo Pact Foundation SPF25 PA+++ (5500yen, 16 shades) and The Lightbulb Dome Sponge (650yen). The Oleo Pact Foundation is formulated with a jellified oil complex that is more translucent than the conventional wax complex for an enhanced color effect. It promises a lightweight sensation and effortless touch of glow on a fresh complexion. See the ad visual here. There will also be a new cotton pad with a silk side and a cotton side for use with the Tsuya Lotion.


Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,
Thanks for the heads-up on the upcoming collections from many brands!!
This Shu U visual is stunning :)) but almost impossible to wear irl yah..
I'm more looking fwd to the new Shu U colored pencils which you blogged about, hoping for some stunning matte colours etc
As usual, love reading your entries and seeing cute pics of your Chubby bundle of joy ;))

Haru said...

hi Eunice,
Thanks for the kind words! It's been hard to post regular updates but I try to sneak in a bit of time now and then, still love finding out about new collections and sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! I noticed you didn't share the palettes that are coming with the colored pencils this June. I think the colors in them looked pretty standard yet awesome as well, but I don't think they were a part of any collection.

Always ALWAYS looking forward to your updates!! Keep it up, love you!!!


Haru said...

hi Laura,
I've seen the Shu palettes that are coming out in June on some blogs, but didn't post about them as there were several other more exciting new collections to write about this week. Thank you for reading, your kind words are really touching :-)