Monday, 7 July 2014

Lunasol Fall 2014 Collection

Here are the details of Lunasol's Rococo-inspired Fall 2014 color makeup collection to be released on 22 August, followed by the base makeup collection on 19 September.

1. Grace Contrasting Eyes: 2 eyeshadow quads

2. Dual Contrasting Eyes: 5 eyeshadow duos (LE)

3. Creamy Matte Crayon Lips: 4 shades (LE)

4. Soft Contrasting Cheeks: 2 shades (LE)

5. Shape Designing Liquid Eyeliner

6. Nail Finish N: 3 shades (LE)

7. Full Glamour Lips 4 shades

The base makeup range includes a new Glowing Day Cream, cream foundation and revamped Skin Contrast Face Powder. See more pics from the press preview here.

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