Saturday, 11 October 2014

Visee Holiday 2014

Visee will release its next collection on 16 November in Japan. It includes:

1. Glossy Rich Eyes BR9 Warm Skin and PU10 Winter Orchid (1200yen)

2. Eye Make Brush Set (2000yen, 3 brushes)

3. Color Impact Gel Liner BR9 Warm Skin (red-toned brown) and PU10 Winter Orchid (chic greyish purple) (950yen)

4. Matte Nails in 6 shades: WT004 (warm white), PK801 (sweet pink), PK802 (purplish pink), PU100 )chic greyish purple), GY005 (cool dark grey) and SP001 (matte top coat) (470yen)

All products are limited edition.


Patricia said...

Got to grab these for they are limited edition. They are great for me and for gift giving these coming holiday season.

Somerset Wedding Girl said...

Oo some lovely picks here!