Saturday, 8 November 2014

Addiction Pink Sand Collection

Here are more details of the Addiction Pink Sand collection for Spring 2015.

Eyeshadow (2000yen): 6 new shades Ocean Front (shimmery silver), Pink Sky (light pink), Full Moon (white pink), Flower Carpet (pearl pink), Pink Sand and Shell Garden

Lip Gloss Pure (2500yen): In 16 shades
1.Tear Drop (clear)
2.Milk Hall (sheer white)
3.Dark Knight (smoky black with pink accents)
4.Rich Girl (sheer true red)
5.Platonic (milky pink with silver pearl)
6.Cotton Candy (sweet candy pink)
7.Carnival Dream (bright coral pink)
8.Holiday (coral beige)
9.Pastel Love (soft sheer beige)
10.Candy Coral (candy coral with gold and red reflects
11.Cry Baby (nude beige pink with silvery multi-color micro pearl)
12.Dear Liar (pink beige with gold pearl)
13.Vanilla Break (milky vanilla beige)
14.Shell Garden (mysterious purple pink)
15.Pink Bomb (sheer blue-based pink)
16.Rudy Rose (clear rose)

Blush Mix (2800yen) in Pink Waves and Coral Garden

Nail Polish (1800yen): 5 new shades and 1 LE shade. Pink Bomb (sheer blue-based pink, LE), Pinky Ring (sheer light pink), Sugar Daddy (sheer yellow-based pink), Shell Garden (sheer milky pink), Pink Sand (pinkish sheer grey) and Poor Little Rich Girl (sheer red)

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