Thursday, 8 January 2015

Innisfree Eco Gel Eyebrow

K-Palette Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Liner has been a daily staple of my makeup routine for more than 5 years but recently, I started to search for an alternative that was more natural looking as K-Palette's liner does create tiny brush strokes that are visible if not properly blended out. It is also rather expensive at over S$20 for a liner that lasts only about a month with daily usage. Thanks to the Makeup Blogette's recommendation on Instagram of Innisfree Eco Gel Eyebrow, I think I may have just found an excellent replacement that is not just more natural looking but also more wallet friendly at just S$12. I read somewhere that this retails for 7000 won (S$8.50) in South Korea.

This is basically a gel liner that comes in a tiny pot that you dip the fine tapered brush into. It's extremely easy to use and lasts well through the day. Although it does take a bit more time to apply, the gel is not crazily pigmented so you are unlikely to end up with harsh Bao Gong/Justice Bao (a legendary ancient Chinese judge) brows even if you are prone to a heavy hand.  That's how my mother described my brows when I was still a makeup noob and thought I had to use a black eyeshadow to match my hair.

I purchased both #2 (light brown) and #3 (grey brown) at the Innisfree store in Plaza Singapura. #1 was a pale yellow brown that looked too artificial. Currently, I am using #3 which is a perfect match. While it's unclear how long a pot (1.6g) can last, it's affordable enough that even if it has to be replaced monthly, at least one will not feel the same pinch as with the K-Palette liner. The only drawback is that I can't stockpile this for our move to the US as the gel will probably dry out. Innisfree has a global e-commerce store that supposedly ships to over 250 countries but this little gem does not seem to be available on the site.  The only flaw is that the sticker labels (which have to be peeled off to open the tube) leave a messy residue. This can be cleaned off with nail polish remover but that also rubs off the printed words on the tube.


Jess said...

This seems like a good one. I am so curious on this. I will def gonna check on it. So excited!

Anonymous said...

This is an old post... But still want to say thanks for your review :)
About the sticker, after removed it, put on a few drops of oil (olive oil, cooking oil, any type of oil) and the residue will be dissolved, leaving no mess behind :)