Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Majolica Majorca Summer 2015

Majolica Majorca will release this Pure Strip collection for Summer 2015 on 21 May in Japan. It is designed to cater to the trend among young ladies for that natural, bare skin look.

It includes:

1. Blood On #10: Limited edition nude red cream color for cheeks and lips. (950yen, 5g)

2. Honey Pump Gloss Neo OR415 and RD415 (480yen, LE)

3. Lash Secret Long: Limited edition waterproof clear-type mascara with black extension fibers for making the lashes longer and curled. This can also be used as a base or top coat. (1200yen, 6g)

4. Nude Make Gel: Touted as a lotion, essence gel, makeup base, sunscreen and color controller in one, this gel formula contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin for moisturing benefits and refined powders that feel light on the skin but also conceals pores. Available in 2 shades, Light Beige and Natural Beige. (1300yen, 25g)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I've been waiting for this! And I'm so happy to see MJ is bringing back the Blood On! The original one was a great addition to my makeup purse!! Thanks so much for always keeping us up to date regarding Japanese makeup, dear Iris! If it weren't for you, I dunno where would I go!

Haru said...

You're welcome! I think this is the second re-promote of Blood On, hope it's a good one!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the blood on!
and also the clear mascara :D