Sunday, 5 April 2015

Anna Sui Summer 2015

Here are more pics of Anna Sui's new nailpolish line coming up on 4 June in Japan. There are 50 Nail Color N shades (1200yen, 8ml), plus six Nail Art Pen shades (1200yen, 2ml). The tea rose-scented nail colors come in the following finishes: glitter (G), Chocolate Chip (C), Matte (M), Fuzzy (F), Non-Pearl (N) and Shimmer (S).


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, this is a random comment from me. I'm one of those silent readers of your blog for years. I first came across your blog when I was living in Japan and was desperate for information (in English) about Japanese skincare and makeup. That was in 2007?! It's been quite a while and I still visit your blog regularly. I just wanted to say thank you for this blog. Hope that you will continue posting information about Japanese beauty stuff.

Haru said...

Thanks for reading all these years and I'm glad you found the blog useful even though my updates have been very irregular of late. Wish I was still living in Japan!