Thursday, 20 August 2015

Suqqu Holiday 2015

Here are more details on Suqqu's holiday coffrets.

Christmas Makeup Kit A (8000yen, 1 November) contains Eye Color Palette EX03 碧茶織 (Aosaori), Gel Eyeliner Pencil EX02, Eye Makeup Remover R 50ml and deep green tweed Pouch A (H12.5×W21×D2cm). This is supposed to be the glamorous variation. Aosaori is pronounced with 5 syllables (sounds like 'ah-oh-sa-oh-ri').

Christmas Makeup Kit B (8000yen, 1 November) contains Eye Color Palette EX04 紫蘇織 (Shisouori), Gel Eyeliner Pencil EX02, Eye Makeup Remover R 50ml and burgundy tweed Pouch B (H12.5×W21×D2cm). This is supposed to be the cool, feminine variation. Shisouori is pronounced with 4 syllables (sounds like 'shi-so-oh-ri' with the 'o' sound in the second syllable being drawn out).

2015 Base & Skincare Premium Kit (26,500yen to 30,000yen depending on the foundation selection, 1 December) includes one's choice from any of the 5 Suqqu foundations, Skin Illuminate Powder 15g, Moisture Repair Essence N 30ml, Moisture Lotion 75ml, Moisture Barrier Cream 7g and nude pink pouch (H18×W12.5×D8.5cm). The Skin Illuminate Powder is exclusive to this kit and supposed to have an ultra-fine texture like powder snow. It helps to brighten up and hydrate skin. It can be applied either with the included cotton puff or brush.


goyahana said...


beautyintranslation said...

Just wanted to add that the Gel Eyeliner EX-02 is a dark, dark navy and that a box of SUQQU cotton is included in the skincare/base makeup set! (Source: I'm buying everything and I can't wait!!

Citrine said...

Haha, I love built-in pronunciation guide you included... I am not that interested in the winter sets (although I heard suqqu 's holiday collection tend to be the best). I just wonder if I should pick up this summers yosaisora before it's gone forever...Right now I am still admiring benikakesora from the pans(I am waiting for the humidity to drop before dipping in).

Haru said...

hi Citrine,
I highly recommend Yosaizora which I've been wearing virtually every other day for this past summer! Benikakesora is nice too but I find the shade combination of Yosaizora to be easier and more flattering to wear. Suqqu's super-long shade names always get made fun of on MakeupAlley! I don't like the tweed pouches and eye makeup remover included in their holiday sets this year but the palettes look like they have some complex shading going on, and their gel eyeliner should be good.

hi beautyintranslation,
thanks for the info! The Japanese description was urushikon (?) which seems to be associated with Japanese lacquerware. I wasn't sure what shade that meant so I didn't put it in the post.