Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Suqqu Spring 2016

Here are more details on the Suqqu Spring 2016 collection:

22 January

1. Blend Color Eyeshadow EX28 金紗砂 Kinshasuna,(champagne yellow and silver grey, LE) and #22 輝春蕾 Kiharutsubomi (pearl pink and champagne orange) (6800yen)

2. Eye Color Palette: 2 LE trios EX05 Sumichazumi (beige brown and deep grey) and EX06 Hanamizuki (mauve pink and khaki brown)(4800yen)

3. Face Color Palette EX04 (7000yen, 6.1g, LE): The face powder is composed of five pearl hues, while the blush is a soft coral pink. Includes a face brush and a cheek brush.

4. Dual Lip Color: 3 LE duos EX01 密晴 Mitsuhare, EX02 瑞咲 Mizusaki and EX03 紅雫 Benishizuku (4000yen, 5.5g)

5. Bright Up Lipstick: 2 new shades #8 澄橙 Sumidai (fresh orange) and #9 薊映 Azamibae (cherry pink) (5000yen)

6. Nail Color: 2 LE shades EX13 焦雲 Kogaregumo (greige) and EX14 春茜 Haruakane (clear red) (2500yen)

4 March

1. Frame Fix Liquid Foundation Lightness SPF30 PA++ (8000yen, 25ml, 6 shades)

2. Sheer Glow Liquid SPF25 PA++ (6000yen, 25ml)

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