Thursday, 4 February 2016

Starbucks Sakura Collection 2016

The ever popular Sakura collection by Starbucks Japan returns on 15 February in Japan with the first Serene series, followed by the Cheery series on 1 March.

Serene series: Handy Stainless Tumbler 480ml (4400yen) and 360ml (4000yen), Stainless Sunny Bottle Calm 500ml (2900yen) and 470ml (2000yen), Stainless D Mug Wood Handle (3800yen), Starbucks Card Sakura Pearl and Mini Card

Cheery series: Handy Stainless Tumbler 480ml (4400yen) and 350ml (4000yen), Stainless Sunny Bottle Cheery 500ml (2900yen) and 350ml (1800yen), Petal Mug 330ml (2700yen), Starbucks Card Cheery and Mini Card

The Sakura collection for Taiwan looks much more attractive in comparison. See more pics and details on

Hopefully, the sakura collection for Singapore will be interesting too. This is usually released after Valentine's Day.

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