Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Anna Sui Holiday 2016

Anna Sui's recent overly florid packaging renewal held little appeal for me but their upcoming holiday collection looks much more attractive.

1 November

Holiday Coffret Set: Includes Blush Lip Treatment, makeup box and holiday card (4000yen)

Luxury Beauty Mirror (3500yen)

1 December

Nail Care Oil N (8ml, 1500yen)

Vintage Nail Color Set (4500yen, 3 variations)

Holiday Hair & Body Cream (2500yen, 30g): 01 Clear and 02 with large shimmer particles

1 comment:

Citrine said...

I like the mirror and nail oil, the mirror looks like the cinderella from Sephora though(not a good thing).

I will check it out when it makes to their soho store but hopefully I don't end up buying stuff I don't need.