Thursday, 25 May 2017

Three Fall 2017 Eye Love View

Three will launch its Fall 2017 collection, Eye Love View, on 9 August in Japan. Pics below by Osadanna.

The collection includes:

1. Captivating Performance Fluid Eyeliner (3300yen) in Real Black, Chic Brown, Dark Mauve, Greenish Ash and Sunny Copper (2 shades are LE).

2. Amplified Spectrum Lip Crayon: 3 LE shades (3000yen)

3. Nail Polish: 5 new shades (1800yen)

4. Shimmering Color Veil Statement: 4 new shades

5. Atmospheric Definition Mascara (3 shades)

Pic below by Voce.

Pic below by Biteki.

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