Thursday, 10 August 2017

Suqqu Holiday 2017

As summer is winding down, that means it's time for previews of the upcoming Holiday 2017 collections. According to Voce, Suqqu will launch its usual two holiday kits on 1 November in Japan. Retailing at 9000yen each, Christmas Makeup Kit PG is the daytime snow-inspired set for creating a more kawaii look while Christmas Makeup Kit WG is the night snow-inspired set for a more chic look. Both sets also include the brand's first ever loose blush powder and what looks like a lip color compact, similar to the one found in Suqqu's Holiday 2014 sets.

There will also be three UK-exclusive palettes designed by Jorge Balzaretti launching in October. See a video on his Instagram.

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amy said...

Thank for sharing
Always struggle with my makeup kit during holidays.