Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Candy Doll Brand Renewal

Candy Doll, the makeup range produced by popular model Masuwaka Tsubasa, will launch its revamped base makeup line on 28 February online and 3 March in stores in Japan. Targeted at ladies in their teens and 20s who desire a natural bare-skin look, the line-up includes:

1. Face Powder in Crystal and Marshmallow (1683yen)

2. Makeup Base N Aurora White (1838yen)

3. Liquid Foundation N in Light Beige and Natural Beige (2048yen)

4. BB Cream in Light Beige (1554yen)

5. Powder Foundation N in Light Beige (2048yen)

6. Shading Powder N (1449yen)

7. Twin Concealer in Light Beige and Orange Beige (1449yen)

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