Saturday, 25 January 2014

Suqqu Spring 2014

Here's the ad visual for the upcoming Suqqu spring collection, due out on 31 January in Japan. The concept behind the collection is to present refined, elegant browns that are easy to use without being boring through the inclusion of accent shades. The shades do not turn ashy when applied. UPDATE: See swatches on Erica's blog and Sherry's Facebook.

The three new Blend Color Eyeshadow quads (7140yen) are permanent. The semi-matte pearl base shade in the lower right corner of each quad is made with a new "moisture wet technology" formula with enhanced moisturising content compared to the previous formula. This enables the shade to be used as a base shade that conceals imperfections and skin unevenness or on top of the other shades for a natural pearly glow. The top left shade is a Light Color (Pearly) for brightening; top right shade is an Arrange Color (Pearly) for adding depth; and bottom left is a Deep Color (Pearly) for a fresh, playful accent.

Blend Color Eyeshadow #15 蜜茶 Mitsucha

#16 花菖蒲 Hanashoubu (used on the model)

#17 蓬色 Yomogiiro

Balancing Cheeks N (6825yen): The left shade is a Nuance Highlight color with red and gold pearl, with a dry formula that helps the Cheek Color (right) meld into the skin. The Cheek Color is made with the wet technology formula for a translucent, glow-from-within finish.

01 桃朱色 Momoshuiro

02 淡桜 Usuzakura (used on the model)

Smoothing Face Color (7350yen, LE): Comprises a matte pink powder for correcting and brightening, a matte beige powder for a poreless finish and a pearly white powder for enhanced translucency.


Bellyhead said...

Thank you Iris! Looking forward to trying something out soon. I am actually oddly excited about the reformulated base shades! :)

Selphia said...

Oh I like how they have the shadow pans on white background in main pic

Makeupremastered said...

Thank u for pictures-I am glad they will be permanent , and not the usual rush and then disappointment that me choice had been sold out!

Jacqueline said...

I want the one with the beautiful green. :)