Friday, 19 September 2014

Jill Stuart Holiday 2014

Jill Stuart will release this quartet of Jelly Lip Gloss N (2200yen each), nail polishes (1500yen) and Crystal Bloom solid perfume (5000yen) on 5 December in Japan. Pics from Voce.

Below are the official product visuals of their Prima Grace Collection (7500yen) due out on 7 November in Japan. The packaging is pretty but the shades are a snoozefest.

Highlight & Face Powder 101 Romantic Step

Velvet Crystal Eyes 104 Ballerina Tutu

Jelly Lip Gloss N 102 Dreamy Attitude

Crayon Eyeliner 101 Classic Tiara

On 21 November comes this Relax Fresh Hand Gel (2000yen) with a white floral scent, Relax Hand Cream White Floral (2400yen for 74g; 1200yen for 30g, LE) and Relax Hand Cream R Tuberose & Rose (2400yen for 74g; 1200yen for 30g, LE).

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