Thursday 18 September 2014

Shu Uemura Shupette Collection

Here's the full list of products and sets in the Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Shupette collection, due out on 1 November in Japan. There will also be gifts with purchase such as a tote bag (for 12000yen purchase), a flat pouch (for 7000yen purchase) and a Choupette charm (for 5000yen purchase).

Shupette Christmas Palette Kit (9000yen)

Shupette Has It All Palette (8 eyeshadows, 6 lip colors) - this is only available as part of the Palette Kit.

My Precious Glitter Set (4500yen): Loose glitter powder in pink, gold and platinum.

Rouge BonBon Fantasy Trio #1 (3800yen): Sexy combination of magenta, violet and pink

Rouge BonBon Fantasy Trio #2 (3800yen): Girlish combination of salmon pink, deep red and deep pink.

Eye Need Shu Trio #1 (3800yen): Pressed eyeshadow trio

Eye Need Shu Trio #2 (3800yen)

Pamper Me Face Powder Pearl (4500yen, 20g): Velvety face powder with pink and gold pearl

With Love From Paris Brush Set (6500yen)

Fabulous Cat Nail Enamel (1700yen)

I Need Shu Eye Lash (2600yen)

Ultime 8 Supreme Beauty Cleansing Oil (11500yen, 450ml)

Fairy Fantasy Premium Lash (8000yen)

Tsuya UV Under Base Mousse Moist Peach (4000yen)

I Need Shu Liner Midnight Black and Gala Brown (2400yen)

Shupette Flare Eyelash Curler (1200yen)

Shupette Tsuya Kit (8000yen for 30ml version, 10500yen for 50ml version): Includes Tsuya Cream (to be officially launched in 2015), Tsuya Essence, Tsuya Lotion and Cleansing Oil.

Silk Cushion Cheek Pink (3000yen)

Silk Cushion Cheek Orange (3000yen)

Shupette Makeup Trunk (24,000yen)

Shupette Christmas Foundation Kit (from 7800yen)


c said...

Wow, large collection! I bet most of it except for the main makeup releases won't be offered in the States.

I'm kind of sad to say that I'm not digging this collection at all. The drawing of Choupette is not as cute as I thought it'd be. I think I only want the white cat pouch, if it's available separately and maybe the face powder. Pink and gold shimmer? Yes, please!

Anonymous said...

SOOO want to get this collection!!!!