Thursday, 5 February 2015

Elegance Cruise Brand Launch

Elegance will launch a new makeup sub-brand called Elegance Cruise on 16 March in Japan. With a relaxed casual summer beach vacation vibe and priced more affordably than the main Elegance line, what's notable is the extensive shade offerings with 50 eyeshadow singles and 20 lipsticks. These are divided into three theme categories of Nature, Mer (French for 'sea') and Soleil (meaning 'sun'). The Nature shades are natural hues while the Mer shades are vivid and fresh, and the Soleil shades have a translucent seashell-like shimmer. The product packaging is similarly beach-inspired. Pics below from Biteki.

The lineup is as follows:

Cruise Fine Color (50 shades, 1800yen, 1g)

Stain Rouge SPF20 (20 shades, 2500yen, 3.7g)

Ruddy Water (6 shades, 2000yen, 5.5ml): Liquid face color.

Nail Lacquer (20 shades, 1500yen, 6ml)

Nail Glitter (10 shades, 1500yen, 6ml)

Base & Top Coat (1500yen, 6ml)

Color Creation Case I (1200yen) - fits 3 Cruise Fine Colors

Color Creation Case II (1400yen) - fits 4 Cruise Fine Colors

Collection Journal Cote D'Azur (5800yen) - Includes Cruise Fine Color X01 (1g), Stain Rouge X01 (3.7g), Nail Lacquer X01 (6ml), Ruddy Water RD301 (2.2ml) and a makeup brush. The X01 shades are all limited edition.

The official website will be launched on 16 February. Elegance is owned by Albion Cosmetics, which also makes Anna Sui, Paul & Joe, Sonia Rykiel (about to be discontinued). Albion is in turn owned by Kosé.

Pics below from 4Meee!.

Pics below from Vitaminef.

See more pics on Albion, Elle and Spur.


galpal.hi said...

There are some very pretty shades in the collection. Again another line to watch out for. Thank you for posting!


Christina said...

Wow, I have no clue what this brand is, but it looks very fun and colorful. It's too bad most of these lines never make it to North America!

Thanks for posting! I'd say you pretty much introduced me to the world of Asian cosmetics. When I visited Taiwan and Vietnam this past Christmas, I ended up picking up so many items that I would have never even given a glance had it not been for your blog! :)

Lucy said...

Wow, what utterly beautiful packaging. The nail polishes and all the eye shadow cases just look so lovely. I've been doing acrylic nails but I want some of the nail polishes just for my vanity. I'm so excited!!

Yan said...

Do you think they will be available in drugstores or dept store counters? I am visiting Japan in March and now I'm exited!

Haru said...

hi Yan,
I'm not sure if these will be available in the drugstores, but Elegance is quite widely available in department stores.

hi Christina,
Glad to hear that you've found the blog helpful! Hope the products you picked worked out well for you.