Saturday, 7 February 2015

Paul & Joe Gel Foundation

For this spring, Paul & Joe will introduce a new Gel Foundation (5800yen) and L'Atout Eclat Foundation Primer (4000yen) on 1 April in Japan. The Gel Foundation is made up of 80% water and supposedly melds seamlessly onto the skin. It also contains marine collagen to help hydrate, forming a moisturising veil over the skin. Pics below from Biteki.

The Foundation Primer contains lavender pearl to counter the yellow tones predominant in Japanese skin, giving skin a natural glow and translucency.

Read an in-depth review of the Gel Foundation on British Beauty Blogger. While the foundation and primer formulas are new to Paul & Joe, they seem to have doppelgangers in Sonia Rykiel's Fresh Gel Foundation and L'Atout Eclat Perfection Treatment Makeup Base, which is also based on lavender pearl. Both brands are made by Albion cosmetics, so it's not that surprising.

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Lucy said...

Reading her review sold it to me. I have combo skin, I wonder how it would fair? Paul & Joe is hard to get in USA, Houston. I used to buy it all the time at home in London. (it's what student maintenance loan is for!)