Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Addiction Fall 2016

Addiction will release its Fall 2016 collection, Modern Nostalgia, on 5 August in Japan. Inspired by Finnish artist Helene Schjerfbeck, it will include several limited edition products. Pics below by Osadanna. Addiction will also release its first ever skincare products, including a cleansing oil.

All 6 eyeshadows are limited edition.

Pic below by Nao.

Pic below of the Lipstick Pure (2800yen) by Maquia.

Pic below by Abe Sawako.

Pic below by Sweet.

Pic below by Madoka Natsume.

See a video of the nailpolishes here.


Unknown said...

Are there new blushes for Fall? Thanks!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness! Growing up I've been surrounded her art, as a Finn I'm so happy to see my fave cosmetic brand and artist combined!

Haru said...

hi Porsha,
It doesn't look like there are any new blushes in this collection.

hi Laura,
it is a very unusual choice and definitely worth looking forward to!

Unknown said...

Oh, that's too bad :(

I saw 3 pans in some of your photos, but they all look like shades from the existing line.