Saturday, 11 June 2016

Suqqu Fall 2016 Shade Names

Here are the official visuals and shade names for the Suqqu Fall 2016 collection due out on 6 August in Japan.
Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-32:煉瓦染-RENGAZOME (brick red and olive brown for a romantic modern look, 6800yen)

Pure Color Blush (5500yen, 7.5g): Contains amino acid-coated pigments and nourishing oils that wrap the skin like cashmere with a moisturising feel, pure color payoff and translucent glowy veil.

01:蕾咲-TSUBOMIZAKI (fresh pink and innocent coral)
02:花茶織-HANACHAORI (deep brown and blossom pink)
03:純朝焼-SUMIASAYAKE (intense red and glow coral)

04:漆陽-UTUSHIBI (grace red and gentle pink)
05:柔光輝-YAWAKOUKI (nude orange and soft champagne)

EX-01:明橙-AKEDAIDAI (bright orange and cream, LE)

Deep Nuance Eyes (3500yen): Cream eyeshadow with a souffle-like texture and cushion silicon gel that transforms into powder upon application.
EX-01:光添-HIKARIZOE (shimmering pink)
EX-02:艶仄-TSUYAHONOKA (glowing beige)
EX-03:深輝茶-SHINKICHA (sparkling brown)
EX-04:眩朱光-GENSYUKOU (shiny burgundy)
EX-05:夜煌-YAKOU (glittering grey)

Extra Glow Lipstick (4000yen): Non-pearl formula that contains 7 nourishing oils including almond oil. Lightweight texture that melds onto the lips.

01:胡桃紅-KURUMIBENI (refined noble beige)
02:秋薔薇-AKIBARA (chic rose)
03:粋桃-SUITOU (cool aquatic pink)

04:彩珊瑚-AYASANGO (translucent bright coral)
05:冴杏-SAEANZU (orange red)
06:紅茜-BENIAKANE (strong red)

07:瞬朱-SYUNAKE/ (true red)
08:深紅-FUKABENI (modern crimson)
09:宵果実-YOIKAJITSU (deep midnight berry)
10:映華-HAEBANA (blooming pink)

EX-01:蜜苺-MITSUICHIGO (juicy strawberry pink, LE)
EX-02:密柿-MITSUGAKI (juicy persimmon orange, LE)

Nail Color R (2500yen)
EX-17:紅艶重-BENITSUYAKASANE (deep rouge)
EX-18:透赤-SUKEASIHTA (clear red)
EX-19:月砂-TSUKISUNA (cool sandy grey)

Gel Eyeliner Pencil (3200yen)
03 Navy
EX-03 Burgundy (LE)


Alison said...

Very excited for the blushes, the eyeliners, and the wide selection of lipsticks. Not so much the quad. Strangely it reminds me of this link from Makeup Museum of the least popular color:

Ana Brown said...

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my.... so many new products again that seem worth checking out.