Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Jill Stuart Holiday 2017

Here are more details on the Jill Stuart Holiday 2017 collection, which is a collaboration with designer Jill Stuart's daughter Morgan Lane's designer lingerie and sleepwear line. The collection is split into two parts with the two coffrets launching on 3 November, followed by the color makeup and bodycare collection on 17 November. Pics from Biteki.

The Pajama Party Collection A (Tulle Lingerie) and B (Lanie's Special) will each retail for 7500yen. Each includes a Moonlight Illuminator, a Dreamy Couture Eyes palette, Kitten Eyes Liner and Jelly Lip Gloss formulated with apricot oil and peach extract.

Shown below are the Dreamy Wish Eyeshadow (2200yen, 5 shades), Crystal Lip Tint (2800yen, 2 shades), Starry Twinkle Nails (1500yen, 3 shades, 10ml), Lip Cream V (1000yen, 2 shades), Relax Body Milk V (250ml, 3000yen) and Relax Hand Cream V (1200yen, 30g).

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