Friday, 30 March 2007

Albion Exage White Chiffon Case

For my inaugural post, I would like to showcase my latest makeup purchase, this elegant limited edition Chiffon Case P from Albion Exage White.

The interior has enough space to fit a sponge but the case does not come with anything to separate the sponge from touching the top of the foundation. I've filled it with a Revue foundation pan, which as you can see does not fit perfectly. By the way, the case is too small to fit Shiseido brand foundation pans.

Exage foundation refills retail for 4200yen each and are often voted the best powder foundations in various Japanese beauty magazine surveys and rank among the top-selling powder foundations at Japanese department stores. There are two foundations in the series, Exage Moisture Chiffon AI SPF15 PA++ and Exage White Summer Chiffon CR SPF20 PA++. Both come in 6 shades with a net weight of 11g. Moisture Chiffon contains mineral oil and olive oil while talc is listed as Summer Chiffon's first ingredient. I have tried samples of the Exage foundations before but did not find them to be extraordinary.

The case retails for 1050yen in Japan. Made in Japan. The official website is


eunice said...

hi iris,
could i check with you as i'm very interested in getting albion chiffon powder online. what shade did you get? i normally use oc-b and i heard that 10 is very light but i'm afraid 30 would be too pink. do u have any idea? thanks!

Haru said...

hi Eunice,
I haven't used Albion Chiffon powder before but from what I recall of seeing it at the counter, #10 is quite close to OC-B. When in doubt over the shade, I usually got for the lighter shade as they may oxidise and turn darker after a few hours.

eunice said...

thanks dear!