Saturday, 31 March 2007

Majolica Majorca Mermaid

Majolica Majorca's Summer'07 Mermaid collection will be released on 21 April in Japan. To be honest, this collection doesn't excite me much as I usually prefer powder eyeshadows to cream eyeshadows. Also, the packaging of Frozen Splash Eyes is nothing special and kind of a disappointment following MJ Spice. The color variations also look like the typical pastel shades that are a dime a dozen in Japanese brands. Hopefully, the quality and texture will be similar to Pied Nus Sparkling Eyes, Shiseido The Makeup Hydropowder Eyes or the cream eyeshadows in Ipsa's 10th anniversary kit since these are all made by Shiseido. The blue eyeliner looks promising but I hardly ever use eyeliner. The blue mascara is almost certainly a no-go for me. Come on, MM! Give us something really unique and lemming-worthy like Aromajica or Compact Fantasia!
  1. Frozen Splash Eyes (840yen): cream eyeshadows with pearl shimmer in 6 shades (pink, gold, green, blue, white, beige)
  2. Lash Expander & Lash Enamel Glamour both in limited edition blue shade (1260yen)
  3. Neo Automatic Liner (1260yen) in BL444 and #34, both limited edition
  4. Artistic Nails (Jewelling Line) in BL555 (399yen)
  5. Artistic Nails (Glow & Quick) in BL501 and WT902 (399yen)

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