Saturday, 31 March 2007

YSL Exotic Sensual collection

YSL's summer '07 collection which is due out on 27 April in Japan. I wonder why makeup companies seem to think that they can get away with charging 3780yen for 2.5ml of lipgloss when their own lip plumper sells for only 2835yen for 15ml!! The click-on nail polish sounds interesting though.

  1. Two palettes, one for face and one for eyes. 7665yen. 9g.

  2. Sparkling Lip Gloss #12 Pink Topaz and #13 Sparkling Amethyst. Comes in the click type packaging with a brush applicator. 3780yen. 2.5ml

  3. Shiny Lip Plumper #1 Glossy Pink (girly pink), #2 Glossy Plum (mysterious feminine plum) and #3 Glossy Brown (beige brown). Also described as a tinted lip balm with SPF 10 and hyaluronic acid. 2835yen. 15ml

  4. Mascara Aqua Resistant #6 Marine Burgundy, 4200yen

  5. Kajal Eyeliner #1 Black, 3360yen

  6. Nail Touch in #1 Secret Radiance (transparent), #2 Pink Radiance (sheer pearly pink), #3 Violet Flush (pearly purple), #4 Beige Light (pink beige), #5 Golden Reflection (elegant pink) and #6 Sparkling White (pearly white). Comes in an innovative "one-touch, click-on" type packaging. 3360yen. 4ml.

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