Saturday, 23 May 2009

Maquillage Website Update

Maquillage has updated its website with the new summer collection with Anna Tsuchiya fronting the ad campaign. I think this is the most stylish and glamorous ad campaign that Maquillage has done to date, and Anna gives it an edgy vibe while looking very feminine and pretty at the same time.

The five looks done on Anna all look elegant and classy without being boring.

The collection is already out at the Shiseido counters in Singapore with the Eyes Creator 3D palettes retailing for S$69 and the Full Vision Mascara & Liner retailing for S$49. The price is higher compared to Japan, where the eyeshadow palettes are 3990yen (S$60) and the mascara/liner duo are 2625yen (S$39). The mascara/liner duo did not impress me much as the liner brush comes out of the tube covered in quite a lot of product and can't really draw a precise fine line as the tip is not tapered enough. The shades also require a bit of layering to get a nice intense line.

Of the two limited edition Eye Creator palettes, I liked GD831 much better than SV832 as the shades in SV832 almost all show up as just silver shimmer which is not very interesting. Unlike the regular Eye Creator palettes which have 3 powder shades, 1 cream base and 1 gel liner shade, the shades in the summer palettes all have a cream texture. The extreme right shade in the top row has a very dry, hard glittery texture so it applies as just small glitter bits without any color payoff. This is meant to be used in the middle of the lid to add extra shine. The extreme left and middle shade are much smoother and emollient, so they are much easier to apply and blend. They dry to a lovely metallic finish with good color payoff. The cream base and liner shades are fairly standard and not that unique.

Here's Anna Tsuchiya on the July cover of Voce.


Anonymous said...

for the eye palettes , more worthwhile to buy at adam than at the counter in sg?

Haru said... sells the palettes for US$41 (S$59) and that includes normal postage (registered costs an extra US$2) so it's cheaper than Singapore. But if you have those credit cards that give you rebates, like Tangs Citibank Platinum which gives 10% rebate, then you don't save much buying from Adambeauty and you might as well just buy it from the counter here rather than go through the hassle of ordering from overseas. Tangs is having 12% rebate this coming Wednesday and Thursday (27-28 May).