Friday, 1 May 2009

Kenzoki Skincare Hauls

I first discovered Kenzoki skincare about a year ago and was entranced by the unique scents of its various skincare lines. The bamboo, lotus, ginger flower and rice steam scents are divine and very relaxing. I love putting Cream with A Zing on my boyfriend as the bamboo fragrance of the Energisant line is just intoxicating.

Another reason why I keep getting drawn back to the brand are its generous GWPs. The SAs are also usually very friendly with excellent product knowledge. Today, I picked up Nightwatcher (S$105), Relaxing Beneficial Water (S$78) and Fresh Frosty Bamboo Stimulating Body Moisturiser (S$76).

As my purchase was over S$200, I received a truckload of deluxe samples, plus a cloth drawstring pouch and cube-shaped pouch. The samples include:
Bright Eyes Supplies The Mask
Cream with a Zing 3ml
Hyper Active Serum 2ml
Relaxing Beneficial Water 1.5ml
Exfoliating Gentle Mask 6ml x2
Clearwater Gel 50ml
Creamy White Skin Lightener 15ml
Cosmic Cosmetic Cream 15ml
Face Felicity Illuminating Serum 2ml
Relaxing Eye Whipped Cream 5ml
Bright Eyes Supplies The Cream
Skin Topcoat Lightening Protector SPF30 5ml

I've been wanting this pouch for the longest time ever!

I also received this handy bag which will make an excellent gym bag or overnight bag as it's roomy with several pockets and a detachable shoulder strap.

This was my purchase from last month that I never got around to posting.

In addition to the Invigorating Exfoliating Flakes (S$58), I also picked up the Energetic Face Mask 50ml (S$78) and Exfoliating Gentle Mask 50ml (S$82).

The samples I received include Creamy Cleansing Cream 15ml, Face Felicity Illuminating Serum 2ml, Exfoliating Gentle Mask 6ml, Clearwater Gel 50ml and Creamy White Skin Lightener 6ml, plus others listed below.

Another pouch with Face Delight Intense Nourishing Serum 5ml, Cream with a Sheen 15ml and Twilight Cream 15ml.

Small pouch with Ice Cold Eye Cream 5ml and Vital Ice-Cream 15ml

Ice Cold Eye Cream 4ml and Skin Topcoat Lightening Protector 5ml

Amour soap 100g

Kenzoki skincare is available at Robinsons in Centrepoint and Raffles City, Takashimaya and Metro Paragon. The best time to get Kenzoki is during Metro's 20% storewide sales which take place every few months.


Catherine said...

Wow, nice hauls and such cute GWP! That bag is adorable.

Devan said...

Have you tried Riversol skin care? Its created by a celebrity dermatologist in vancouver bc. His line is based on a five star hydration concept, and is selling at some of the top spas in north america. I use this product, and LOVE it. Definatly something I love to reccomend to people! :)

Haru said...

Hi Devan,
Nope, I haven't heard of Riversol before. But thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

I like their products too but always find them too expensive.

eliza said...

just wondering... how do you use up all ur skincare? i always have the problem of not being able to use up my skincare cos i always like to buy new stuff :p

Haru said...

Hi Eliza,

I also find it very difficult to use up my skincare as I have way too much and I always can't resist buying new items to try! I do throw out skincare that's past its expiry date as I'd rather not take risks with my skin.

abitcraxy said...

hi, i'm a kenzoi addict too.. LOL..
Will you be attending the Kenzoi work shop in july?

Haru said...


Yes, I'm attending the 11am session on Saturday 11 July :-)

nazeira said...

Hi~Kenzoki is my favorite brand!
especially cream with a zing and
face phenomenon serum is wonderful
,my favorite.^^
I can buy them online shop.
because there is no off-line
store in korea.T.T

Haru said...

hi nazeira,
I really love Kenzo skincare too, the scents are so incredibly relaxing. They seem to be sold quite widely in Europe but in Asia, I'm not sure where they are available aside from Japan and Singapore.