Saturday, 23 May 2009

Mina x Gelato Pique

Picked up the July issue of Mina (S$18.60) today at Kinokuniya as it comes with a Gelato Pique vanity pouch. Gelato Pique is a Japanese roomwear and accessories brand. The pouch is very well-made, and roomy enough to fit several small makeup items. I'm thinking of using it to store my The She Space pigment ziplock baggies.

Check out the grumpy blue rabbit!

The July issues of Voce, Biteki, Bea's Up and Maquia are all in stock at Kinokuniya but as the focus is largely on summer skincare tips, I skipped all of them.

Kinokuniya is also having a storewide 20% discount for cardmembers this weekend. Kino is also giving away a 4-piece Laneige skincare set for pores with Her World magazine.


Jamilla Camel said...


You have been showing such excellent makeup porn on your recent posts--thank you!!

That beauty bag is so kawaii too!

aichaku-愛着 said...

i bought mina too. :D really like that pouch for the cute animals esp the deer.

Unknown said...

hw did u know abt laniege's samples are givven? noidea when i am at kino today =(

Laura said...

Hi Haru,

Do you know if the Kino membership discount applies to magazines too?


Haru said...

The samples are usually advertised at the counter near the English magazine section and the payment counter near the Japanese magazine section.

The discount applies to magazines too.

Minty said...

loves reading your blog :)
am poisoned by you to buy those mags!

Anonymous said...

1st shipment of Mina sold out, 2nd shipment is 8th of June 2009 arriving

makeupmag said...

I bought Mina, Spring and Her World. :P Love the Gelato Pique case!

Anonymous said...

I got this too with Biteki Issue 7.

Anonymous said...

Kinokuniya Preview of the latest July Issues of Japanese Magazines.

Can call in to check the latest arrival dates already