Thursday, 18 July 2013

Esprique New Base Makeup and Limited Edition Brushes

Esprique will release the following products on 21 August in Japan.

1. Brightening Make Up Base SPF18 PA+

2. Foundation Brush in two limited edition designs Engage Ribbon and Cat Maison

3. Foundation Case 13AW (limited edition)

4. Beautiful Skin Pact UV Limited Kit 2: Includes Beautiful Skin Pact UV powder foundation, Brightening Make Up Base 4ml, Astablanc Lift Sensation 2g, Rouge Stay Magic (Essence Liquid) 0.3g and Makeup Sponge P.


Sara said...

Ooh I love how those foundation brushes look! They look great for buffing!

Anonymous said...

i just bought the regular version of the esprique brush. if i had known such cute versions were coming out i would not have bought it!! also, canmake came out with a pretty cute one too, with nylon hair.