Thursday, 25 July 2013

Visee Brand Renewal Product Lineup

Here's the full list of Visee's new product range that will be launched on 5 September in Japan.

1. Glossy Rich Eyes: Eyeshadow quad in 8 variations (1260yen)

2. Smoky Rich Eyes: Eyeshadow quints including two liner shades in 8 variations (1470yen)

3. Nudy Rich Eyes: Eyeshadow quints in 5 variations (1470yen)

4. Blend Color Cheeks: Blush quads in 8 variations (1575yen)

5. Creamy Lipstick: 10 shades (1575yen)

6. Lip Balm & Gloss: 8 shades (1260yen)

7. Lip Volume Essence: 2 shades (1260yen)

8. Feather Impact Mascara (Film Type): Removable with warm water (1470yen)

9. Feather Impact Mascara (Waterproof Type) (1470yen)

10. Lash Treatment Essence (2100yen, 5.9ml)

11. Color Impact Gel Liner: Waterproof gel eyeliner in 6 shades (997yen)

12. Liquid Eyeliner: 2 shades (1050yen)

13. Shadow & Liquid Liner (1260yen)

14. Point Eyeliner (1050yen)

15. Tear Drop Liner: Shimmery jelly liner (1260yen)

16. Eyebrow Pencil & Powder: 3 variations (1260yen)

17. Eyebrow Pencil: 4 shades (840yen)

18. Eyebrow & Nose Shader: 2 variations (1260yen)

19. Eyebrow Mascara: 2 shades (892yen)

20. Shape Modelling Foundation SPF24 PA++: Powder foundation comprising two gradational shades to create a face-slimming effect (1890yen for refill, 630yen for case)

21. Nudy Rich BB Cream: 3 shades (1365yen)

22. Perfect Loose Powder: Semi-matte powder in two shades (1575yen)

23. Perfect Concealer: Stick-type concealer in two shades (1050yen)

24. Slim Model Powder: Shading/highlighting face color powder (1260yen)

25. Nudy Feather Eyelash: In Lady Glam, Girly Glam, Natural Glam styles (1260yen)

26. Eyelash Glue & Liner (1050yen)

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