Saturday, 27 July 2013

Giorgio Armani Kaleidoscope Collection Swatches

Giorgio Armani's Kaleidoscope collection just launched at counters here in Switzerland. I was eagerly anticipating this collection for its six new limited edition Eyes To Kill shades (Scaranbeo edition) which have a duochrome finish. This is the only autumn collection that has been released so far here amongst the prestige brands.

The collection also includes two limited edition Scarabeo Kaleidoscope Face & Eye Palettes and six new Rouge D'Armani lipsticks.

The Eyes To Kill have a dreamy velvety texture and the duochrome finish is gorgeous. The only boring shade that can be easily duped is #35 Silver Chafer which did not appear to be a duochrome to me. Sara BeauTime has excellent comparison swatches of these shades with earlier ETK shades so do check out her blog. There are also close-up pics of the ETK on Kai's Obsessions.

After swatching these, I settled on #34 Blue Beetle, a stormy dark blue/green, which was the most intensely pigmented shade in this collection.

The two palettes come in Armani's usual glossy black lacquer cases. These have a rather odd oval shape. The cases snap close with a magnetic closure. The lack of a traditional clasp make these feel less secure than I prefer. Made in Italy, each palette contains a sheer blush (10g), three powder eyeshadows (1g each) and two sponge applicators.

Both the blush and the middle eyeshadow shade have a shimmery overspray that rubs off at the first swipe. The blush in the #1 Mystic Blue palette is not as shimmery as it looks in the pic below. The purple overspray on the middle blue shade is quite deceptive as the color underneath is quite different, a turquoise blue that reminds me of MAC Parrot. See more pics on Sara BeauTime.

I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the eyeshadows. Extremely velvety smooth to touch, they produce great color payoff with just one swipe without needing any primer underneath.

The blush in #2 Venomous Green has more subtle overspray than #1 Mystic Blue and should be easy to pull off for light to medium skintones.

Again, the pale green overspray on the middle eyeshadow shade is deceptive as it rubs away to reveal a deep green.

I fell in love with the dirty dark brown shade with bronze flecks at the first swatch.

Swatches of Venomous Green on the left half and Mystic Blue on the right half of the pic below.

The new Rouge D'Armani were all very attractive as well with beautiful color payoff and a moisturising finish but I decided to skip these as I simply have too many lip products.

I came home with both palettes, ETK in Blue Beetle and a Gloss D'Armani Plum 602 that was on clearance sale. If you have access to an Armani counter, the Kaleidoscope collection is well worth checking out. The products are definitely on the pricey side but this is truly the most unique and stunning collection I've seen from Armani in recent times.


birkinbagbeauty said...

totally falling for fall Armani...Venomous blush looks more like my alley, but I'm happy I can swatch Armani these days since it's in Holland now :)

saw said...

Thanks for shoot out. This collection is definitely my favorite of all the fall collections so far. Well, it doesn't look so much like fall other than the lippies LoL.

Jodi K Gordon said...

I am circling this collection!-are these eyeshadows in the quad really good as I have been playing with my GA medusa palette and I am finding the shadows a bit dry and hard to build colour?tnx

Haru said...

hi Jo,
I haven't swatched the Medusa palette before so I don't know how the quality of that compares with the Kaleidoscope palettes. I've used both Kaleidoscope palettes and the color payoff is good. I do not have to layer the eyeshadows repeatedly to get them to show up. The finish is also non-shimmery. The shade combinations are more on the smoky and dramatic side.

eunice said...

hi Iris,
lovely haul and swatches, really makes me look fwd to this collection! how did u manage to exercise so much restraint n haul only 1 ETK intense? :)
thanks for all the useful links, especially for the Suqqu fall swatches!

Haru said...

hi eunice,
Fact is, I have too many ETK and L'Oreal Color Infallibles already sitting in my collection and not used as frequently as I would like to. Also, Armani's prices in Switzerland are exorbitant, so I will only buy shades that are truly special to me.