Sunday, 15 June 2014

Kate Fall 2014

Kate will release its Fall 2014 collection on 1 August in Japan. The star product is the new line of Brown Shade Eyes palettes (1600yen) in 6 variations. Each palette contains a 'nose shadow' shade for contouring.

BR-1 (Pearly): Shimmery brown
BR-2 (Skinny): Nude beige brown
BR-3 (Sepia): Elegant warm brown
BR-4 (Deep): Chic smoky brown
BR-5 (Glitter): Glamorous brown
BR-6 (Matte)

Pic below tweeted by Abe Sawako. See another pic here.

The pic below shows a comparison of two mannequins, one with contouring and the other without. Pics tweeted by Osadanna.

The other products include:

1. Flat Skin Base (15g, 1000yen)

2. Liquid Touch Pact foundation SPF20 PA++(11g, 6 shades, 2000yen; case 800yen)

3. W Wide Liner N: EX1 Natural Brown and EX2 Pearl Beige (1400yen)

4. Spotlighting Shadow (1600yen)

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