Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Les Merveilleuses by Laduree Fall 2014

Here are pics from Fashion Press of the Les Merveilleuses by Laduree Fall 2014 makeup collection, set for release on 25 July in Japan. Inspired by jewelry boxes, the collection includes five Pressed Cheek Colors (of which two are limited edition highlighting shades) and a Lip Conditioner. The two LE shades have a nostalgic sweet floral scent.

Pressed Cheek Color #21 Rosi (3800yen for refill, 1500yen for case)

Pressed Cheek Color #22 Rubis

Pressed Cheek Color #23 Topaze

Pressed Cheek Color Limited Case II (LE, 1500yen)

Pressed Cheek Color #105 Lacté (LE, for enhancing skin translucency)

Pressed Cheek Color #105 Beryl (LE, for enhancing skin softness)

Lip Conditioner with a citrus herbal floral scent (3500yen)

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