Sunday, 8 June 2014

Suqqu Fall 2014

Glam Japan editor posted these two stunning pics of the Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-21 Murasakisuishou 紫水晶 (purple crystal)and Eye Color Palette 01 Toutouseki 透橙石 on Instagram. The other two eyeshadow trios are 金紫石 and 苍琉璃. The jewelry-inspired collection will be released on 8 August in Japan. The eyeshadow trios do not look that tempting to me as the shades are very typical of those released by most Japanese brands. Murasakisuishou is much more alluring in comparison.

Below is another pic tweeted by Abe Sawako. The lipsticks are Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist 07 珊瑚石, 08 桃玉, 09 柘榴石,and EX 15 红辉石 while the nail polishes are EX 07七色石 and EX 08 红石. The shades starting with 'EX' are limited edition.


Laura said...

I would go for the trios as well! I was so upset that the Suqqu Summer palettes were sold out long ago already, they even didn't have them on display.. Dor my budget the trios sound nice, but I think I will aim for the bigger one. I asked the prices, the 8 colour one is going to be normal price, trios 2000¥ cheaper (which would make them around 4800¥). I hope none is overly glitterly, I'm not a big fan of Lunasol nor cream shadows..

Ming said...

Hi, Haru:

Wow!!!The pictures look soooo attractive! Especially the 紫水晶.
I've put it on my shopping list right away.
However, the shades on the upper right seem a bit similar to #09 Kozuecha...