Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Anna Sui Spring 2015

Anna Sui will release the following new products on 4 January in Japan:

1. Curl & Volume Mascara (3000yen, 5g): Contains 'volume up powder' and 'volume up smooth polymer'. Waterproof and sebum/sweat-resistant.

2. Length & Separation Mascara (3000yen, 5g): Film-type mascara that can be removed with just warm water. Contains both hard and soft fibers for lengthening. Sweat and sebum-resistant.

3. Mascara Primer & Top Coat (2500yen, 5g): Waterproof, sebum and sweat-resistant mascara primer and top coat with a small screw brush for ease in reaching the lash roots. Helps to keep the lashes curled all day.

4. Nail Color N: 5 new shades (1400yen, 8ml)

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Citrine said...

God, no...What is with Anna Sui's new packaging?