Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ettusais Spring 2015

Here's a look at Ettusais' upcoming new products for 2015.

1. Shaun The Sheep collection comprising Lip Essence Stick N (1000yen), Lip Essence Deep Moist (1200yen) and Lip Essence a (1200yen) (15 Jan)

2. Jelly Mousse (165g, 1500yen): Grapefruit-scented mousse facial cleanser. (19 Feb)

3. Heart Face Color (5.4g, 1500yen): Limited edition pore-concealing face touch-up powder with a heart motif in a pastel blue compact. (19 Feb)

4. Herbal UV Jelly SPF50+ PA++++ (70g, 1350yen): Light-textured jelly sunscreen. (12 Mar)

5. Premium Perfect Clear Concelear (4g, 2300yen)


miss_waterlily said...

Hi Iris,

Long time no see it's Kelly from London:-) I saw Chikuhodo brush sets on your snapwidget and I am wondering what you think of them? I am debating between the two, the blue set looks beautiful but the hair is of inferior quality it seems to the brown set.

Haru said...

hi Kelly,
I haven't used the two sets yet (too busy with the baby) but just based on touching them alone, I was happy with both sets. The blue set is goat hair and not scratchy at all. The brown set has more brushes and is more complete in that sense, although the price tag is also heftier.