Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Maquillage Spring 2015

Maquillage will release a new Dramatic Mood Veil (Face & Cheek Color) in two variations (8g, 3500yen with case; 2500yen for the refill) and a Dramatic Mood Potion (Eau de Parfum/Body Fragrance Oil) (3500yen, 30ml) on 21 January in Japan. The Dramatic Mood Veil comes in two variations, RD100 and PK200, each being a combination of five tones. The included applicator has a brush end and a domed sponge end. The domed sponge is used to apply the red blush tone in the centre in a soft tapping motion, followed by blending the right and left corner blending shades around the periphery of the centre shade. The lower left corner shade is a 'clear color' for the under-eye area (to be applied with the brush) while the upper left shade is a highlighting shade for the top of the cheekbones (to be applied with the brush towards the outer corners of the eyes).

The Dramatic Mood Potion is a white floral and rose scent that can be used on the hair and body.

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