Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale Haul

Bath & Body Works started their post-Christmas Semi-Annual Sale in stores today. With rumours that BBW is going to do away with their popular coupons in 2017, this seemed like a now-or-never time to haul as one would be a fool to shop at BBW without coupons.

I picked up four candles, which were going for US$10 each, and paid $30 (before tax) as I had a coupon for $10 off $40 purchase. Their White Tea & Ginger reminds me of the distinctive soothing scent of Ion Orchard (a popular mall in Singapore).

The holiday collection of body lotions and shower gels were all going for a remarkable 75% off, so these were only about $3 each.

The rest is a mix of hand soaps, which one can never have too many of with three kids in the house.

My little guy who napped through most of the trip. He's been so bored cooped up at home due to the -10°C temperatures that he always flaps his arms and legs excitedly whenever we step out of the house. His outfit is from Target's fabulous Cat & Jack line, a steal at just US$7 during a recent sale.

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