Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Jill Stuart Spring 2017

Just as I'm falling out of love with Paul & Joe, Jill Stuart is getting more of my attention these days. The princessy, blinged out faux crystal aesthetic of the brand hasn't changed but it has become more experimental with shades, often packing in more tones into each product for a more visually arresting presentation. The upcoming Spring 2017 collection Sweets Couture is centered around pastels, which would normally be a snoozefest for me but this one actually looks pretty interesting and appealing. All the products are limited edition so don't miss its launch on 17 January in Japan.

Macaron Couture Eyes (5000yen, 3 LE palettes)

Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Sheer #7, #8 and #9 (2800yen)

Lip Blossom #23, #24 and #25 (2800yen)

Sugar Brilliance Eye Color (5 LE shades, 2200yen)

Sweets Couture Pouch (3800yen, LE)

Mix Blush Compact More Colors #22 Fruit Mille Crepe (4500yen, LE)

Mix Blush Compact N #21 (4500yen, LE)

Fruits Milk Tea Nail (1500yen, 5 shades)

This will be followed by another launch on 3 February of the following products:

Jelly Lip Gloss (2200yen, 11 shades)

Mix Blush Compact More Colors #23 Little Bouquet (4500yen)

Crystal Bloom Aurora Dream Eau de Parfum (5500yen for 30ml, 7500yen for 50ml). Top notes of pear and peach; middle notes of peony and Dutchmans pipe cactus, and base notes of osmanthus and musk.

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