Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Paul & Joe Spring 2017

Here are the official visuals for the Paul & Joe Spring 2017 collection launching on 5 January in Japan.

Face & Eye Color CS 107 (4000yen)

Face & Eye Color CS 108 (4000yen)

Face & Eye Color CS 109 (4000yen)

Lipstick CS 102 with Case CS037, Lipstick CS 103 with Case CS 038, Lipstick CS 104 with Case 039. Lipstick CS 102 Champagne Mink transforms into a pure pink tint on the lips while 103 Russian Blue transforms into a fresh feminine pink on the lips. See swatches on Instagram. (2000yen for lipstick refill, 1000yen for case)

Previously, I used to faithfully snap up all the Paul & Joe seasonal collections but over the past year, this love affair has turned tepid as it seems like they are mostly recycling their products with different (albeit still fabulously cute) packaging and working the kitten theme to death. I still find their quirky aesthetic and prints to be a refreshing change from the sea of MAC-clones out there but they should work on improving their product quality and innovation as well. The holiday advent calendar could have been a real game-changer if they could have been bothered to actually put 24 decent products in it, instead of the measly six.

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