Thursday, 2 February 2017

Maquillage Sailor Moon Collection

Maquillage shakes up its staid image with this upcoming Sailor Moon collaboration launching on 21 April in Japan. There will be a Dramatic Powder UV & Collaboration Compact Case S Set (3500yen, 2 variations) and a Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV Collaboration S Set (2600yen, 25ml, 2 variations) that also includes a sample of the powder foundation. This rainbow-hued case must be the prettiest case ever released by Maquillage!


Cynthia said...

This is simply adorable. I love anything that has Sailormoon on it. I'm a big fan of Sailormoon. Thanks for sharing this!

Haru said...

You're welcome, Cynthia! Hope you manage to get this!

Christina said...

So cute. It's too bad they only did a liquid and compact foundation collaboration; I've never used either so hesitate to obtain one just for packaging.