Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Suqqu Summer 2017

Here are more pics of the Suqqu Summer 2017 collection by Voce. The bronze and warm grey palette is 洸砂 (Hikarisuna) while the blue palette is 蒼渚 (Aonagisa). If the new Designing Color Eyes palettes bear some resemblance to Lunasol's palettes, it's not surprising considering that both brands are owned by Kanebo. Based on various blog reviews, the Designing Color Eyes appear to more user-friendly with better payoff but for several longtime Suqqu fans, the distinctive character of the Suqqu Blend Color Eyes palettes with their mix of matte, pearl and shimmery textures has been lost in this renewal.

Debuting on 7 April is the new line of Volume Eyebrow Mascara (3000yen, 4 shades) and Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen (3000yen, 4 shades).

Pic below by Biteki.


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